10 activities you should add to your summer bucket list!

Janie Beauregard —

We are starting to look forward to the sunny summer days. Are you?

In order to get ready for when Mother Nature will decide to give us that present, we decided to make a list of ideas of what you could do this summer. Some are more far-fetched than others, because we like to let our craziness out and enjoy every little summer time where we can walk around in bikinis.

1. Have a barbecue dinner with summer cocktail recipes. It's a great rallying event and a good excuse to invite your best friends to spend an evening by the pool side.

2. Read a good book by the pool side, in the sun. It's so relaxing. The only big challenge: do not fall asleep (or if you do, please plan to put sunscreen before)!

3. Make a water gun war around the house. Reconnect with your inner child, surrounded by your friends or family, it's so much fun! You can make clans and take hostages to spice things up. You just have to clap hands with the hostage to deliver him; or make them do whatever you want? It's even funnier that way! 

4. Have a picnic on paddle boards. Whether it's for lunch or dinner, it's such a peaceful activity. Especially at sunset with a drink in your hand.

5. Open a map of Quebec and point a place with your eyes closed. Go on a road trip to this place and make different discoveries because the unplanned trips are the most unforgettable and Quebec is surrounded by beautiful places! 

6. Go for a paddle board at night in Tremblant. Yes, yes, it's possible and it's nice to see a scenery that looks so different at night.

Photo by: @gauviine


7. Make a pool party with a volleyball tournament. Everyone loves pool parties, but sometimes we get tired of just drinking and chatting, so why not organize a volleyball tournament? Instead of giving a reward to the winning team, we give a challenge to the losing team!

Photo by: @camille.wilkie


8. Go surfing on the St-Laurent river. With KSF, there are several places where you can surf in Montreal. If you don’t have the opportunity to go on a surfing trip this summer, there is always a way to do it here, on a budget.

9. Go on a kayak-bike tour in Val-David. A descent of the 7km river with a return to the mountain by bike on the P'tit train du Nord bike path. The scenery that surrounds us along the river is definitely worth the trip.

10. Prepare a week-long road trip to explore Canada. (View the next article for more ideas!)


We hope you’ll like our, sometimes goofy, activity ideas to fill up your summer with good memories... because girls jut wanna have fun!

Team June