4 trends you should definitely start 2018 with!

Janie Beauregard —

You don’t know what’s the most popular trends this season? No worries, we are here for our June girls.

Regarding the colors, the 'night fever' is the perfume of the day.
Dramatic colors, such as dark blue (dusk) and dark green (snake) evoke an offensive that is both sexy and sophisticated.


The desirable 'surf spirit' of jovial and neon colors is also highly anticipated. Our coral color (sunset) is vibrant and full of energy. It procures the tropical atmosphere that we all love. You can even combine with the dusk color for a beautiful, eye-catching effect.


It’s not a secret; textures are really appreciated this time of the year. The ‘hot chocolate weather’ makes us want to get comfy under lots of blankets. The embossed effect on our raven fabric reminds of this sweetness of life.


As you can imagine, the favorite print is stripes! It remains a classic with its sporty chic, modern side, perfect to go catch some vitamin D.

2018 is a year of changes and possibilities. Don’t be scared to jump into life!

Team June