5 Easy Bikini Care Tips

June Swimwear —

So. You fell in love with your new June bikini, but you're worried about its wellbeing. You're not the only one! Here are 5 easy tips for taking care of your bikini, and making sure it last as long as possible.

Avoid Washers & Dryers

This is rule number 1, and a big no-no. If you have to wash your swimsuit a tall, do it by hand with cold water and a gentle soap made for hand washing. The machines can damage the material and elasticity.

Shower Down Now

When you're done surfing or lounging at the beach, take a moment to shower off and rinse your bikini to make sure there's no salt or chlorine accumulating. This is a good habit to get into for your skin, too.

Shadow Dry

Contrary to popular belief, it's never a good idea to leave your bikini drying off in the sun. Exposing your swimsuit to the sun, especially if it hasn't been properly rinsed can seriously damage the fabric and colours. Leave it to dry outside in the shadows.

Take Your Tie

Pardon the bad pun, but it's important to take your time when you're removing your swimsuit. Try and avoid pulling on it and leaving the knots still tied. This can lead to it not keeping its shape over time.

Pack Properly

The worst thing you can do is leave your wet bikini packed up in a ball at the bottom of your luggage. Make sure to take the time to dry it, rinse it, and store it properly and untied. This will make sure it lasts for many vacations to come!

That’s all! Now, dive in!