A collection inspired by art!

Charlyne Réhel —

What does June Swimwear, Artist Jason Cantoro and Simons have in common? We've come together for a collaboration and designed a collection which exhibits Jason Cantoro's Artwork on June's Bikinis available exclusively at Simons!

June's swimwear are entirely made in Canada. Every step of design, production and manufacturing are done here in Quebec. It makes us proud to know we sell a 100% Canadian made product! Its our way to support our local economy and promote Quebec's textile industry. “We’re slowly seeing the return of local production and consumer interest in supporting products that are made in Canada. There’s a desire to bring back and expand our manufacturing industry and a certain pride for Canadians in doing just that. So, when Simons asked me to create an exclusive collaboration, "it was natural for me to promote an Local artist also from here" says founder Julie Morin-Dumais. 

Where did Julie's find her inspiration ? Her travels around the globe have been her biggest source of inspiration for the creation of her swimsuit styles. As a real sporty beach lover, its important that her designs function flawlessly for watersports but also look great for a day under the sun. With all the different collections, June swimwear tries to pass on a desire to travel, surf and live your dreams!
Its the mantra of escape which inspired our founder and designer, Julie Morin-Dumais and artist Jason Cantoro, to collaborate on the exclusive collection for Simons stores, available at locations across Canada starting June 15th.
Would you like to join us for the official launching of the new collection at Simons in Downtown Montreal? For more info click here!
Let's catch this tropical wave !
Team June