A road trip kind of girl

Janie Beauregard —

If you read our previous article, you know one of our favorite idea for summer is definitively the road trip! Being in a car for hours, surrounded by your favorite humans, singing and dancing on your favorite beats, that’s the dream. But where are hiding all the beautiful places? Here’s a road trip guide through Canada. Let's get the playlist ready!


1. Toronto

Sandbanks in Prince Edward is a place worth a visit. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the friendly people makes it the perfect place for a vacation. For those who love having the salt wind in their hair, there are many boats at Sandbanks. This is the ideal place for family holidays, romantic getaway or a trip between girlfriends. Go check it out by yourself and you’ll see!


2. Manitoba

Riding Mountain National Park in Winnipeg is a place to relax. If you want to recharge your batteries while admiring a view of the forest or a very clear water lake, you have to stop there for a few days. There are ideal trails for walking and cycling. It’s also possible to rent kayaks to go explore the lake. The best time of the day for this activity is the sunset because the colors that reflect, not only in the sky, but on the clear water, are heavenly.


3. Alberta

Canada's must-go (and our favorites): Louise Lake and Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. There is a reason why these are the places that appear first when you do research on Canada. If you go to Louise Lake, you’ill understand how unreal this place is. The water is azure, out of the ordinary and the surrounding mountains make it an incredible scenery. We suggest you take a moment to go kayaking on the water. This lake has something mysterious, which is why we love it so much. Moraine Lake is also amazing with its crystal clear water. When the wind calms down, the water becomes a large mirror where you can see the reflection of the chain of firs and mountains that surround it. It's the perfect landscape for all nature lovers.


4. British Columbia

In Vancouver, you have to go to Bowen Island just after taking a trip to Whistler for hiking and see the gigantic mountains. The island is full of "bed and breakfast" where you can go relax and enjoy life. The best idea is to rent a small house on the island and go explore all the beaches to enjoy the warm weather and the hot summer sun.

Canada is a country full of places to explore. Go for it and create unforgettable moments worth telling!

Team June xx