Introducing Aishah Francisque

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She's part of the 5 inspirational women we asked to be part of our ''How would you rock your Rockie?'' capsule.

Aishah is one of the most talented music artist we know. She have a unique personnality and she's hard to forget ! If you ever have the chance to meet her one day, don't hesitate and talk to her. She's open minded and very interesting. Never afraid to stand out of the crowd! 

We are happy to introduce you the talented Aishah.

June Swimwear: What accessory did you choose for the photoshoot? And for what reason does this accessory represent you well?

Aishah Francisque: I chose my dad’s jeans jacket because I’ve loved wearing his clothes since I was a little girl. I also find that baggy clothes add sex-appeal to a girl's wardrobe!

JS: What encouraged you to follow your passion for music?

AF: That sense of well-being whether I'm writing a new song, I'm in the studio or on stage. The energy that surrounds the world of music is crazy and I just do not see myself doing a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life. It's not for me.

JS: Is there anything in particular that inspires you when you compose?

AF: Honestly, everything inspires me! Sometimes I write songs from something that a friend would say while we're talking or from the mood I’m in when I’m writing. Really, I try to keep my mind as open as possible so I can get inspired by everything surrounding me.

JS: Who is the artist you can not live without?

AF: Aaliyah. She is my favorite singer and also an inspiration when it comes to my styling and work ethic.

JS: Tell us about a challenge you faced during your journey?

AF: Challenges are all there is in this industry. The real challenge during your journey is to continue despite all the obstacles.

JS: Where does this passion for music come from?

AF: For me, music has always been very important. I grew up with the sounds of Whitney Houston, Michael and Janet Jackson, Charles Aznavour, Zouk and Kompa singers that my parents used to play all day long. So, I think it was inevitable for me to fall in love with music and to make my own.

JS: Could you tell us about another of your hidden talents?

AF: I don’t know if we could really call it a hidden talent, but I learned how to speak with air in my cheeks. No one I know can actually do that. I look like E.T. It's still pretty funny!

JS: If you had the opportunity to meet an artist in person for the purpose of mentoring, who would it be? And why?

AF: Kendrick Lamar because of the intergenerational impact he currently has on the world with his music. The intelligence in his words paired with the madness of his creativity. I would love to learn from him.

JS: Do you have a little ritual that you absolutely have to do before performing?

AF: I always pray before performing. It allows me stay grounded, to focus on my emotions and to appreciate every moment in the advancement in my music career.

JS: Has anything crazy ever happened on the job?

AF: While we were shooting my last video, Paradox, we had some "wardrobe malfunctions" with my bodysuit and my right boob kept popping out to say hi to the camera. We had to cut many scenes because of that but the result was beautiful!

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JS: When did you know it was what you wanted to do in life?

AF: It was during my last year at law school. I realized that if I was ready to spend sleepless nights writing songs instead of studying for the final exam the next day, it was time for me to pursue my music seriously.

JS: Who are the people who encourage you the most around you?

AF: My family, my girls and my man support me tremendously. I also have the support of my team that helps me develop my image and my sound.

JS: Tell us about your biggest dream for the future.

AF: I want to develop my art to the best of its potential in the years to come.

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Instagram : @urfavoritemuse

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Soundcloud : aishahshome


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