Introducing Léa Bégin

Janie Beauregard —

For the photoshoot of the How would you rock your Rockie online exclusive capsule, we chose 5 inspiring women who are part of our daily lives. These women inspired us in their unique way to create swimsuits where women can show their personality and express themselves.  

If you do not know her already, Léa Bégin from Beauties is one of the women who inspires us with her motivation and creativity. She's a very jovial person who advocates beauty to the natural. This professional makeup artist always succeeds in making her clients beautiful with subtle makeup. She's also the one  behind each of our studio photoshoot. 

We are happy to present you today the beautiful Léa.

June Swimwear: What's the biggest challenge you've faced during your career?

Léa Bégin: Hmmm! The beginning was uncomfortable. I left a steady job to start my own business. To climb one step at a time, to show patience by being impatient, to work for free for a while by being on unemployment. When I realized that the end of my unemployment was coming faster than I thought and that I had no income, it was a slap in the face. So I worked very hard to make myself known in Montreal when I was living with my ex boyfriend in Trois-Rivières. Being far from Montreal made the task even more difficult.

JS: Where do your inspirations come from when you do the makeup for a client?

LB: From my client. She hasn't even sat in my chair yet, and I already know what I'm going to bring out in her features. I clean my hands with a lavender product, I take a nut of moisturizer that I rub into my hands while I observe it. I put both my hands on her face and massage gently and my idea is confirmed. Then I make her up, always as little as possible. I hate makeup that distorts the person.

JS: Can you tell us about a future project that you are considering this summer?

LB: I'll have, in addition to my makeup contracts, work with Beauties. It's my baby project I'm quietly feeding. Beauties is an online magazine where I make honest recommendations about beauty, fashion, wellness, restaurant, travel. Always with a "conscious" angle for the modern woman.

JS: What motivates you the most in your work?

LB: In my job as a make-up artist, it's to see the person look at herself in the mirror and feel beautiful, strong, proud. Show her how little I've put on, so it all belongs to her. What motivates me about Beauties is to be of service. I like to be inspired and inspire in return. Informing people in my community, giving them the right addresses and good tips truly makes me happy!

JS: Can you tell us about another of your talents that people don’t know about?

LB: I danced my whole life until 2015. (Sports-studies in dance + semi-professional hiphop troops + teaching hiphop)

JS: What are your favorite songs when you do a make-up?

LB: Aiwa  de MC Solaar / Naive de RKCB

JS: Did your job allow you to travel on a contract sometimes? If so, what is your favorite place in the world?

LB: I have worked in Panama, Mexico City, Maine, Portugal, New York, Texas. Mexico City is a favorite.

JS: What is your favorite eye shadow color?

LB: A kind of not hot not cold taupe, ideally with a creamy texture.

JS: What do you do when you want to spoil yourself? 

LB: I often want to spoil myself! Haha! The list would be long, and there's a lot on Beauties if you want to know more! But let me share with you my ideal day. It would start with a yoga class or a road bike ride, I would have lunch at the bright Ssense Café. Then I would have a mani-pedi at Primerose + a lunch with my mother or a close friend at Butterblume. Then, a mini road trip with a pit stop at the Balnéa spa for a body scrub. I would finish with a paddle board or kayak session on Lake Memphremagog before dinner with my boyfriend on the dock, with a very cold glass of rosé. I would ask my boyfriend to remove my makeup (paradise) and I would open all the windows to fall asleep with the breeze and the sound of the lake.

JS: Tell us about your biggest dream for the future.

LB: Put Beauties forward. Monetize this project to be able to work as a team and produce great content. Whether developing an online store, a product or having a show, I want to inspire and inform women around me in a positive way.


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Team June xx