Autumn Destinations - Our Staff's Favorite Picks

Magalie Shah —

October has arrived and so have the cold temperatures. The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of summery escapades; the June Swimwear team is still dreaming of beautiful landscapes and the ocean’s fresh air. Here are some autumn destinations that are keeping our hearts warm!

 Laurence our communication specialist just got back from an autumn trip to Brittany. The cool ocean breeze and rocky cliff sides render a gorgeous landscape that is perfect for jogging or strolling around. The enchanting seaside towns have plenty of history and beauty to offer with loads of authentic restaurants where you can admire to coast and deep blue water while enjoying French cuisine (and wine!).


Jully, our graphic designer suggests a weekend on Maine’s soft white sand, surfing your day away in the waves. Although Maine’s most popular beaches may be overcrowded during the summer months, it is the perfect autumn destination: the warm sun, chilly water and empty beaches make for the perfect love story between you and the sea. Spending the day in the cold water simply becomes an excuse to cuddle up under big sweaters and blankets in the evenings.


Julie, June Swimwear’s founder, also recommends a European autumn destination: Portugal, where the sun will still be shining. Portugal offers some of the best waves in Europe: with different waves and swell sizes, any surfer is bound to find the perfect wave for their level. After a day surfing on picturesque beaches, you can relax on a typical European terrace and enjoy good drinks and amazing food while thinking of which spot you’ll hit the next day. Talk about a dream!


Team June xo