Back to basics

Victoria Drolet —

We all have some styles in our wardrobe that we wear every time we can't find what to wear. It always comes back to the same basics because we feel comfortable in them and know we'll look good. Well, June Swimwear also have those basics; perfectly good-looking and simple at the same time.  

 Let's talk about our 5 basics!

Nora Bikini Top 

This one is very special because there's no way it won't fit you well. Bigger or smaller breasts, it's designed for everyone. In fact, this bikini offers you much more support and you can feel sexy at the same time. This is the reinvention of the usual triangle model. It's a safe choice; it won't get out of fashion. You can match it easily with a fancy bottom to complete your kit.


 Louise Bikini Top 

This top reflects the simple but effective expression perfectly! Suited for any type of activity, the Louise bikini top won't disappoint you. You don't have to worry if your top is going to unhook or not. Don't wait to buy this essential top so you could have a restful mind while having fun!

Bootykini Bikini Bottom 

This bottom shows your asset just the proper way. Sexy but not too much, the bootykini is as comfortable as any other bottom. Get this style as soon as possible to be the star of your next vacations!


Manue Bikini Bottom 

This one looks like the bootykini but has his own personality. The Manue bottom is always reversible. It covers a little bit more than the bootykini for when the occasion is needed. 


Daisy Bikini Bottom 

The Daisy bottom is probably the most discreet style we have. It's convenient for any occasion: classy but it doesn't cover you completely. Every girl should have this master key. Seriously... Do I have to say more? 

 Enjoy shopping girls!

Team June xx