Discover the face of our JUNE X MEC capsule

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

Between surfing waves in Mexico, rock climbing in Québec and working as a flight attendant at 30 000 feet, Geneviève is real girl crush for us. It's no coincidence that we asked her to play the model for us and to be the face of our exclusive JUNE X MEC capsule ...


JS: You spend a lot of time travelling and living abroad throughout the year, can you tell us a bit more about it?

G: For the past 10 years, it has become a habit of mine to escape from our Canadian winter. I lived in Costa Rica for a year when I was younger and that’s how I caught the travel bug. It’s so easy to wear a bikini all day every day…

I spent several years traveling around the world every winter. I have been to Central America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Then, I felt the need to settle a bit (somewhere warm!). It has now been two years that I rent, every winter, a small shack with my boyfriend in wonderful Nayarit, Mexico. It’s a tiny cabin, that became like our cottage, except it’s nested in the jungle close to many surf spots.

Since I am a flight attendant for Air Transat, instead of driving up North to our cottage, we fly to Mexico! My work schedule is really flexible and allows me to take several months of unpaid leave. Usually, when the grey days of November come, I fly to Mexico until April. However, I do come back for Christmas time; Christmas without a tree and snow, doesn’t really feel like Christmas! I absolutely love to travel, but it also feels good to have a place to call home where you do have a rice cooker and a blender to use (laughs)!


JS : Tell us about your experience modeling for the capsule…

G : For me it was a pleasure to participate in a project that gathered June and MEC together which are two companies that I love!

In fact, I identify myself a lot through June’s values which encourage an active lifestyle, adventures and travels. For me it was very refreshing to support an eco-friendly collection and Canadian companies.

Having studied in environment and being a fan of the great outdoors explains my love for MEC and their way of giving back to the community.


JS : Tell us about how sports have an impact on your life.

G : Sports are a big part of my life, they’re a part of me. It helps me to relax and to focus my energy in the right place. I love surfing; being alone on my board in the ocean waiting for the next wave, there’s such a zen feel to it.

I have to say that rock climbing is my favorite sport though. It’s demanding for the body and for the mind, but it also allows you to socialize during practice. Perseverance is key in climbing.

To me, the best of both worlds is to enjoy the heat of Mexico during winter and the beauty of our summer in Québec; combining surfing and rock climbing. Plus, a little bit of work in between so I can allow myself to continue travelling.

JS : Finally, we would like to know which style of our June x MEC capsule is your favorite ?

G : I would say the Wilma top in Exotic Summer, cause it reminds me of the heat of Mexico and my life motto; live simply and be happy!!


Team June xo