Drift away with us...

Magalie Shah —

Deep blue waves, a cool wind blowing in your hair and seagulls calling you to the beach… Who knew paradise could be so close to home?

East Coast Driftaway is a collection reminiscent of wispy clouds, quaint villages, rustic boardwalks and an ocean breeze that leads you to the waves. These new designs were inspired by all things soft and familiar but are meant to celebrate the discovery of the beauty that already surrounds us. Drift away with us to the peace of Atlantic coastal towns where all hearts are lifted by the salty breeze. We fell in love with the laid-back pace of the area and wanted to translate it throughout the collection.

While we are patiently waiting for the launch, here are some of the spots that stole our hearts on our East Coast Driftaway...

 East Coast Drift Away - June Swimwear

Fisherman’s Catch, Wells, MA

A trip to the East Coast would not be complete without a meal in an authentic seafood shack! Stop by the Fisherman’s Catch in Wells for a delicious Lobster roll or a Clam chowder. We promise you’ll be wanting to come back for more!


Codex, Nashua, NH

Looking for a place to unwind? Codex Speakeasy serves inventive cocktails in a candle-lit ambiance where you can drift away into the coziest state of comfort and calm.


Rococo Ice Cream, Kennebunkport, MA

Are you rather in the mood for something sweet? Head to the quaint fishing town of Kennebunkport to try out Rococo’s reinvented ice cream flavours! Satisfy your sweet tooth while strolling through the streets and admiring the boats!


Tandem Coffee, Portland, MA

In need of a boost after a day of drifting along the coast? Tandem Coffee is the perfect place to take a break! Have a cup of their cold drip or a shot of espresso and enjoy the cute décor before heading out to discover the rest of Portland!

  Tandem Coffee

Long Sands, York Beach, MA

Have you been longing for a nice surf session? Head towards one of New England’s many surf spots! Long Sand/York Beach won our heart because of its ample room to spread out and its easy waves that are perfect to begin on!


Don’t you just feel like packing your bags? We do!

The East Coast is calling.


Team June xo