Team June: Emanuelle Desrochers

June Swimwear —

Water engineer, traveler, surfer. These words describe Emanuelle perfectly. Manue left Canada at the age of 18 to go live in Panama for a few years, then finally moved to New Zealand with surf and adventure in mind. She is independent, inspiring, and passionate - she represents the Team June spirit like no other. 

Favorite surf or kite spot(s)?  
Panama, Caribbean, Las Flores in El Salvador and Maine USA. 

What trick(s) do you wish to pull off?  
Stand up barrel. 

Something funny that happened to you while traveling? 
Get chased out of the water by a real-life salt water crocodile. 

A place you wish to visit before you die? 
Salomon Islands. 

Did you know? Emanuelle has a product that was named after her, and it is definitely one of our favourites!

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