Get into the Boho vibe!

Charlyne Réhel —

For the second year, June Swimwear will be hosting a kiosk at the Bohemia Festival at the Victoria Park in Sherbrooke this Saturday, September 16th. You will have the opportunity to discover emerging new artists as well as a variety of local traders all the while enjoying a freshly prepared meal by one of the many on-site restaurants.

Inspired by the well-known music festival Coachella and the Byron Bay Surf Festival in Australia, the Bohemia Festival brings together local talents and artists, transporting you into a typically Bohemian universe for an afternoon.


For this event, we have designed a boho collection that will be offered exclusively at the Bohemia Festival. In this collection, you’ll find vibrant colors and tied eyed patterns... everything to excite your boho-self!

 See you Saturday!