How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit For You

June Swimwear —

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your swimsuit during a surf session. You have to have a bikini that stays in place or else you’ll spend most of your time moving it around. You do not want to miss out on the wave of your life because your swimsuit bottom is down to your knees or you’ve got a breast hanging out! 

  1. Personally, I have three types of bikinis. Firstly, there are the ones you use for tanning and after-surf chilling. These ones don’t have much elasticity but they’re very comfortable and perfect for yoga on the beach or a relaxed swim. For that purpose, I love the Estelle bottom which is extremely flattering on the butt thanks to its rushing in the back. 

  2. Then, there are the bikinis for ‘’normal’’ surf sessions. By ‘’normal’’ I mean sessions where the waves are small to medium height. For these sessions, I need a good elastic on the bottom and support for the top to make sure that everything stays in place and I can stay focused on my sport (like my boyfriend always says, to be a good surfer, you need concentration #alwaysfocus... don’t talk in the line-up... oops!). The majority of June bikinis are perfect for that type of day, but I especially love the girly yet sporty Andrea bottom. 

  3. Finally, I need bikinis for those serious days where I feel like the waves are quite big and I know I’ll have to duckdive about a hundred times and I will most likely get washed out a few times. For those days, I need THE bikini, the one that holds on so strong that I can surf whatever wave I want in style and grace (thinking of myself as a Blue Crush character here, I admit it). The Jade top is the best for that. The straps that cross over in the back and the fact that it’s just one solid piece allow it to give you the support you need, For the bottom, the Bootykini 2.0 or the Cabo bottom are my favorites. The elastics are trust worthy and I know that they’ll never end up around my ankles as I’m surfing the wave of my life. 

  4. Another tip for those of you who are learning to surf: remove the pads in your bikiini top. Every surfer will tell you, they always end up somewhere in a ball and you have to spend a crazy amount of time trying to place them back where they should be... Not worth it. 

  5. Last thing is for the girl reading me and thinking she’s not sure whether she could rock the bootykini, know that, the waves will most likely unveil your little cheeks anyways so might as well show them proudly from the beginning!