HumanKind, the beauty of authenticity

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

For our second sustainable capsule and Summer Bloom photo shoots, we chose to work with the Montreal talent agency HumanKind. Founded by Marikym and Claudine, who both started out as models before becoming health coach and agent, this agency is unique by going beyond mere appearances.

Here are some of the reasons why we fell for HumanKind…


HumanKind wants to inspire a transformation of the fashion industry by dismantling certain standards and encouraging unique beauty. To achieve this, they put forward their beliefs in inclusiveness, diversity, purpose and authenticity. Through the agency, they also promote the interests and authenticity of the artists, personalities and models they represent.

From left to right, the co-founders Claudine and Marikym.  Credit: HumanKind

We asked Marikym to tell us a bit about Humankind...

Humankind's creation 

"It is important for us to put the human person forward in our journey - being women in the fashion world having experienced some obstacles and sacrifices. I have personally experienced eating disorders during my career as an actress and model. We seek to mentor our family not only to enlighten this beautiful environment, but to educate about health and nutrition. It is by following my training as a health coach that I managed to get out of it and sharing this knowledge with the members of the agency for me is a dream come true. " - Marykim

 Humankind’s uniqueness 

The development of their talents is a priority not only to better them, but to broaden their horizons.

In this business, new recruits are too often left to their own devices. That’s why Humankind offers mentorship and health coaching. They firmly believe that greater involvement from agents can contribute to making this community a better and happier place for all of Humankind.

The talents they represent therefore have the necessary tools to progress in their craft and to inspire each other and gain confidence, because there is nothing more beautiful than trust and self-love.


Rachel, our studio model for the Summer collection. Credit: HumanKind

Why "HumanKind" 

Finally, the name "Humankind" evokes diversity, originality and the nonconformity of the human. The word "kind" has a double meaning. It is the human side and kindness, but it also describes that Humankind seek to represent people of all "kinds".

To learn more about Humankind, visit their website here or their instagram here.

Team June xo