¡Viva la Fiesta!

Laurence Bolduc-Hénen —

The Nayarit region completely charmed us on our trip to Mexico. The exotic atmosphere of the jungle, the salty air of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains have particularly inspired us in the design of the Fiesta collection. 

The first breath we took at the exit of the plane warmed our hearts. This moment when a heat wave caresses your face and all the worries of the day-to-day life seem to disappear. It’s this little moment of happiness that we wanted to eternalize with our tropical prints and earthy colors of the Fiesta collection.

The name Fiesta, came to our minds evoking a warm, tropical and festive atmosphere, exactly like the one there was during our shoot in Mexico. Sayulita is a bustling little town, full of colors and filled with good vibes. 

The colors of this collection from Mojito to Pinata remind us of the houses at the edge of the ocean. Peaceful and elegant, they fit perfectly into that jungle scenery while guarding the coast.

The cocktail print evokes the wilderness of the flowers throughout Sayulita and the nature that surrounds it. The vegetation that develops in this hot and sunny climate has inspired us for this print.

The Fiesta print, which is also the name of our collection, reminds us of festive and joyful moments. The sweet smell and beauty of the bird of paradise flowers combined with the purple undertones of the sky when the sun is setting were the perfect mix for this print.

We hope that these tropical prints and colors will inspire you and bring you our much needed summer vibes. Let the Fiesta begin!

Team June xo