Inspired by the Secret Garden

Janie Beauregard —

It's the secret garden in the Medina of Marrakech which inspired this collection’s design. The kind of places that makes you calm and peaceful the minute you walk through the door. These rooms have colourful details with a deep, teal-blue pool in the middle (which makes you wanna jump in). Daybeds scattered casually around makes it a great places to curl up and do nothing but lay around all day in your favorite swimsuit, soak up the sun and drink mint tea. Let yourself be transported into this relaxing world of essential perfumes, where dreams are allowed.


There's a lot of new prints in this collection. Inspired by the many colorful patterns of the ceramic and the leaves that fills these secret gardens and gives them this exotic side we love that much! One of our favorite one is the Honolulu, simply because it reminds us of the tropical landscape of places where we feel in heaven.


While the Seahorse print reminds us of the ocean and blue often found in the setting of secret gardens, the Oahu is a perfect reflection of Morocco's romantic sunsets. Let’s not forget to mention our Coconut color; this fruit that we can’t live without when we discover new scenery.


We’ve added four styles this collection to fill your desire for novelty. The Java is our most seductive top with the tie that crosses in front and an horizontal strap at the back. Perfect for those who want to attract attention, while having a perfect and uniform tan all summer long! The Nora top, which is similar to the Sam, has a wider band to increase the support of the chest and make a nice little top that manages to draw attention on you. 


We fell in love with the Victoria bottom because the hip band is here to stay in place during your escapades and it's just cheeky enough. The  bottom Ines is also a good choice with the X crosses on the sides. It’s perfect for all occasions, without hiding your sexy side.

We hope you will be inspired by this new collection, as much as we have been in the Secret Garden.

 Team June xx