Introducing Chloé Rochette

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This girl is moving air! Her energy is impressive and her good mood totally contagious. Seeing her smile makes you want to smile too! We would all like to be a little more like Chloé Rochette, co-founder of Happy Fitness in Montreal. She makes training so much fun and spreads her happiness wherever she goes. With her good attitude, she doesn't go unnoticed and that's why she's one of our 5 inspiring women for the Rockie capsule.

We have the honor to present you Chloé Rochette.

June Swimwear: Describe the moment when you got the idea to create Happy Fitness.

Chloé Rochette: In the beginning I just wanted to help my friends to be more active by showing them it was simple and actually really fun ! I wanted to break the idea of sports being something negative, like a chore. I wanted them to know that moving their body could make them so #happy and that spending energy could actually energize them twice as much ! It has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how it makes you feel. That’s the message I wanted (still want) to share and the reason why I started HappyFitness.

JS: Who is your biggest inspiration in fitness?

CR: I don’t really have an inspiration in my field because i’m trying to change it. I admire Gary Erickson, the founder of Clif Bar. His book, Raising the bar, inspires me to stay true to my values in business and in life and reminds me the importance of enjoying the ride and doing business differently (with more than just bottom line in mind).

JS: What do you like most about your job?

CR: EVERYTHING ! haha The awesome humans I get to work with (collegues or clients), being outdoors most of the time, moving, travelling and the fact that there is no finish line. There is always a new challenge to work on and change is constant. I LOVE IT !

JS: Would you have another hidden passion that you could talk to us about?

CR: I love reading. I feel like it’s the best way to always keep learning and that it forces me reflect on different questions or subjects. What i’m currently reading : Ma mère avait raison, Alexandre Jardin and Tipping point, Malcom Gladwell

JS: What is your biggest dream for the future?

CR: I always say that my biggest dream would be to make enough money to be able to pursue my mission and hire my friends, who are so good at what they do, to pursue it with me. Then I realize it’s pretty much what I do already but on a smaller scale. So I guess my dream is to keep doing what I do now, but on a slightly bigger scale.

JS: What is your secret for being constantly #happy?

CR: Hahaha ! I swear i’m grumpy sometimes ! But it is true that most often than not, i’m pretty #happy. My secret ? I know what makes me happy : People (my friends and family), movement and adventures (see further below). So I make sure to cram my days with as much of these elements as possible ! Of course, I’m well aware that happiness isn’t always a choice. I feel really lucky to be naturally positive and optimistic…so I try to share my joy with as many people as possible !

JS: Can you tell us about a typical day in Chloe's life?

CR: I can’t ! Everyday is different and it is perfect that way ! ☺  We’re only 2 founders in the company and 6 part-time employees... so we pretty much have to do everything. That gives you an idea !

JS: What brings you the most pride in your work?

CR: It makes me so proud to feel like we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. Helping them love sports or changing their lifestyle or simply when someone leaves a training feeling #happy after having a bad day. I also love helping people pushing their limits a little, showing them they can do way more than they think. Yup, those things make me really proud and are worth all the hours we put in. I also love seeing my team having as much fun as me doing our work. We’re so lucky.

JS: Have you ever had a crazy adventure during a Happy Fitness workout?

CR: A lot of funny things happen during our trainings. But last year, this woman was hiding behing a tree, and doing the whole workout with us at a distance and without paying ! We spotted her in the middle of our class and thought it was pretty hilarious to look at her imitating us hiding behind a tree. We waved at her at the end !

JS: What accessory did you choose for the photoshoot?

CR: My cap !

JS: And for what reason does this accessory represent you well?

CR: I almost always wear a cap when going on an adventure. For me, « adventures » are essential to break the routine and stay amazed. I love life so much, I never want to get bored by it. Road Trips, runs or hikes in the mountains, travels, bike ride with friends, climbing, camping, picnics in the parc, or anything that breaks the routine really ! Tiny or big, I make sure I go on at least one adventure a week !

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