Introducing Karine Lachapelle

Janie Beauregard —

Another one of the inspiring woman we chose to feature in our Rockie capsule. This one is unique by the way she sparkles inside out. She's always full of joy and we just love her personnality. Karine Lachapelle is our digital nomad. She travel a lot while doing a job she loves and that's why we think she's an inspiration to others.

We're more than happy to introduce to you, the bubbly Karine Lachapelle. 

June Swimwear: Tell us about your favorite place in the world.

Karine Lachapelle: Ouff it's going to be difficult. A favorite place in the world, it's so relative. It depends on the landscapes, the people you meet, how you felt at this moment, the music you listened to and again ... Probably for all its reasons, I would say that Manly, in Australia, is my favorite place . The place where I see myself living, or it's just good to live. I would be lying if I said that beautiful Australians do not help me to like the place so much.

 JS: Where did you get this passion for travel?

KL: Good question ... I always wanted to travel but I had an incredible phobia of the plane. Just the word made me cry. But I'm curious and I like people, which makes me constantly traveling, exploring. It's as if I always knew there was more than our western society. 

 JS: If you had the chance to live in someone else's shoes for a day, which person would you choose?

KL: I think I'd choose an extreme sports athlete - just for the adrenaline rush.


 JS: Have you ever been scared when flying?
KL: If you read a little higher, you know I was scared to fly. I am still afraid but the destination always makes me forget the duration of the flight.

 JS: Of all the traditional dishes that you had the chance to taste, which is your favorite?
KL: An Italian pizza. It's worth the price.

 JS: If you had any advice to give to the little Karine of the past, which one would it be?
KL: Travel as much as possible when you are young. You're just getting too old for the hostels without looking creepy. Take a sabbatical year after the CEGEP. Do an exchange at the university.

 JS: What is the biggest challenge that you have achieved in professional or personal life so far?
KL: Go abroad (we can expect the other side of the world) for 2 years.

 JS: What's on your bucket list for this summer?
KL: I have just returned from a trip to Europe and I have Asia coming up in September so I'll settle for a great summer in Vancouver - to explore again and again. There is so much to do and the summer in Vancouver is quite exceptional. On the menu: hikes, camping, paddle boarding and little road trips.

 JS: What did you want to do as a profession when you were a kid?
KL: I had to change careers in my head at least 102 times. But for those who know me, it's really normal in my case.

 JS: Have you ever imagined having the life you have right now?
KL: No. I sincerely thought that my maximum age to have children and a house was 30 years old. At 6 months of my 30 years, I assure you that I am not where I thought but no less happy.

 JS: What is the activity that gives you the greatest pleasure when traveling?
KL: I am sportive, so sports are important even when I travel but I must say that what makes me the most pleasure on a trip is the social side. Speak with other travelers about their experiences and even more. Exchanging a few words with the '' locals '' sincerely filled my heart with joy.


Team June xx