June signature week - Salty Souls retreat

Magalie Shah —

The love between the Salty Souls guals and Team June isn’t new… The Salty Souls have long inspired us with their passion for an active and balanced life. Many collaborations have ensued from our friendship: from their first Salty retreat experience, to June X Salty bikinis to follow your active lifestyle, to their Salty Club Movement  that encouraged both our communities to exercise in our daily lives, Salty Souls and June Swimwear undoubtedly find common ground where there is salt water, fun and energy.

Is it a surprise that we have yet again wanted to collaborate with the Salty Souls to create the June girl’s dream experience? Not really… The June and Salty teams invite you to embark on yet another South American retreat where you will be able to live life to its fullest with lots of adventures, surf, yoga and inspiring women. Rendezvous on the magnificent beach of Ayampe in Ecuador where you’ll be living the true June Swimwear X Salty Experience from March 1st to March 8th. 


Ready to get Salty? You’ll enjoy the ecstatic sensation of sliding down a wave while learning how to surf with a private instructor. You’ll get your sweat on with some fun workouts! ;)

Looking for a getaway within yourself
and in nature? June Swimwear X Salty Souls invites you to relax and connect with your inner self through yoga and meditation sessions. You’ll also experiment a traditional shamanic Temazcal ceremony and explore the magical beaches of Los Frailes from the Machalilla National Park. Why not partake in some personal development workshops to grow within a group of inspired women?

After an active day by the beach, you’ll enjoy a sweet evening of self-care rituals and you’ll end up the week dancing in the streets of the festive village of Montañita.

We can’t stop daydreaming about this getaway! Why not make this dream a reality?

Find all trips infos here >> https://saltysoulsexperience.com/ecuador/


Team June xo