June X Guava Surfboards

Janie Beauregard —

This summer, we are happy to collaborate with a one-of-a-kind, Montreal-based company. Since many of you are using our swimsuits for your nautical activities, we wanted to create something unique for our wave-chasers and sun-lovers.

The company is GUAVA Surfboards. Our good friend Martin Guay handmade every surfboard himself, which means that every board is unique in the world. All the surfboards are thought and designed in his workspace in Montreal.

Source: http://www.alexcdphotography.com/

Over time, he has been able to innovate his working methods, improve and develop his techniques to "shape" the surfboards. His style is unique and creative, that's why we love the Guava brand so much. Go take a look at his work HERE (for more pictures) or HERE (for informations).

Source: http://www.alexcdphotography.com/


For the occasion, Guava has created four surfboards with our June logo on them. Each of the boards are in a color that perfectly matches those of our summer collection. The sauge color board measures 7'2, the Lychee color board is 6'6, the mango color board is 7'2 and the fourth board is 6'6, with any of those 3 colors; it's up to you. These boards are composed of polyester 6x4x6 with a gloss finish. The fins are 2+1; 1 singel middle fin and 2 side fins. Since this collaboration is exclusive, these Guava boards are only available on our online store. The boards are available for pickup directly at Guava's workshop when purchased. 

Color: Sauge

Color: Lychee

Color: Mango

Not only are these surfboards attractive for the eyes, but they are also of exceptional quality; meaning you'll be able to catch more waves. Now, all you have to do is dare and have fun in the waves!

Wishing a nice summer to all our June girls.
Team June xx