Let's Get Salty!

Charlyne Réhel —

To help you face the cold days ahead, we’re collaborating with our friends from The Salty Souls Experience to offer you the perfect winter escape. Does surfing every day in a new June Bikini with a group of inspiring women, living in a beach house in Ecuador sounds exciting to you? Well, it’s exactly what our contest is all about!


 This contest gives you the opportunity to win a complete June Swimwear wardrobe of 9 bikinis and one all-inclusive trip to Ecuador 2018 hosted by The Salty Souls*. Through this experience, you’ll learn to surf or improve your technique with assistance by professional surf coaches, practice different styles of yoga with well-trained instructors, explore the diversity of Ecuador’s beauty, build friendships with passionate girls and most of all, connect with your own self!


 Especially designed for surfing, your June Bikinis will offer you all the support you need, while giving you the freedom of movement to ride any kind of wave! From your early morning yoga session on the beach to a day paddling the big blue on your surfboard, our bikinis will never let you down. We are offering 9 bikinis to cover you for your 9 days’ adventure with the salty team, because it’s well known a girl with more bikinis is definitely happier!


You don’t mind getting your hair salty and want to be a part of this adventure?
Head to our Instagram Page for all the details. If you already know that you wanna live this experience, you can subscribe right here! 

 Don’t be afraid to jump in!

Team June

*flights not included