Team June: Marie-Christine Amyot

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As soon as she graduated university, Marie-Christine decided to go surf the most beautiful waves between Indonesia, Central America, and South America. When she has a bootykini and a board in hand, nothing can stop her. She also co-created her own surf and yoga retreat company in Equador: Salty Souls Experience. She is a passionate entrepreneur, an incredible friend, and everything Team June embodies.

Favorite surf or kite spot(s)? 
I really like right point breaks: Santa Catalina in Panama, Playa Carola in San Cristobal Island (Galapagos) and obviously, my second home, la Punta Montanita in Ecuator. I also fell in love with Puerto Escondido in Mexico and Indonesia (Uluwatu, Balangang and Sumbawa Island). 

What trick(s) do you wish to pull off? 
Stand up barrel…. The day I can do that, I'll die in peace. Ha! Ha! 

Something funny that happened to you while traveling? 
I was surfing in Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, and I may have overestimated my abilities to face those big violent waves… I fell, trying to stand up on a very hollow wave, and I received my fin behind the ear. I ended up with a part of my ear cut in two, hanging and bleeding all over me… Finally, everything went well, the local doctor of Puerto Escondido (doctor PEPE) put in 11 stitches. I looked like an elf with my swollen ear, but now, all I have left is a nice scar that reminds me to respect my limits! 

Which achievement(s) are you the most proud of? 
I’m proud that I’ve listened to my heart and got out of my comfort zone, leaving society standards behind to discover the world. That how I found my passion, surfing!