Meet Cate Brown - Photographer for East Coast Driftaway

Magalie Shah —

We just launched the East Coast Driftaway collection and the lifestyle pictures are absolutely gorgeous. While the stunning landscape and skilled model have merit, the photographer’s talent is undeniable! Meet Cate Brown, the photographer for our new collection. We were inspired by her enthusiasm for her work, her expertise and her determination!


Tell us a bit about you (where are you from, how long have you been a photographer?)

I was born and raised in Rhode Island, the smallest US state, nestled between Connecticut and Massachusetts (no, we are not a part of New York!)  I grew up sailing on the Bay and was drawn to photography at a young age when my mom first showed me how to load film into our 35 mm camera. I went to school for photography at Fitchburg State in Massachusetts and moved back home to be closer to the water. I’ve been working in photography ever since, for about 8 years to be exact, and had the privilege of working with June this year to photograph the Early Spring collection.


Do you have any hobbies/passions (apart from photography)? 

I still love to sail when I can, but I’m often so busy photographing regattas and lifestyle that I don’t have as much time to participate! But I’m also big into rock climbing, and I practise yoga. 

What was your inspiration by for the photoshoot of East Coast Driftaway?

The inspiration was a rugged driftwood vibe, which New England can certainly provide. We were photographing on an overcast day, which really played well into the gray rugged aesthetic we were aiming for. I wanted to tell the story of a woman out on an adventure in a semi-remote location, off to explore the landscape in her June Swimwear.


What do you like most to photograph for fun?

Waves. I don’t really surf much myself, but I love chasing the swells and photographing surf: the candid moments in the lineup, the ocean textures, and surf lifestyle.


Can you tell us about a challenge for you during your photo shoots?

Perhaps the most rewarding thing and also the greatest challenge is working with talent in front of the lens. The best feeling is when you can work together and know you both nailed the shot. But working with new people can also be one of the greatest challenges. It’s all about getting to know your subject, making them feel comfortable with you and the camera, and then working to communicate your idea to help the portray it for the shot.


What type of camera/lens did you use during the studio + lifestyle photoshoot?

For this lifestyle shoot, I used my Nikon D850 and my 50 mm lens. I love shooting prime and also packed a 28 mm and 85 mm, but we ended up going the whole day exclusively on the 50 mm.  


What’s your favourite style from the East Coast Driftaway collection?

That’s a hard one. But I’d have to say the Charlotte in Tobacco. I love all the prints, but the Tobacco colour is by far my favourite. The style is also so simple yet modern and cute. This is definitely the one I’d wear myself!


If you could pack your bags and leave tomorrow, where would you go?

 I’m actually writing this while on a surf trip in France! But I’d love to go to Tofino in British Columbia, or back to Nova Scotia. It might be about time for a warmer weather trip, though… I’ve also never been to Puerto Rico or Big Sur, California, so those are also high up on my list.


Team June xo