Meet Marion, free spirit and inspiring soul

Anne Schafer —

Passionate about the ocean, surfing and fitness, Marion flew to Guadeloupe for a trip with a friend in 2014... and never left. She fell in love with this island paradise where waves and tides meet the deserted beaches. We had the opportunity to meet her while we shot the campaign of our summer collection and completely fell under her spell. Marion embodies perfectly the spirit of Summer Bloom with her free spirit and bohemian side. She had fun playing around with this collection’s styles while exploring some parts of the island.

We asked a few questions to help you get to know her.
It's this way to discover and find inspiration from this free spirit...

Photo credit: Yann Berthoule 


JS : Why did you leave Switzerland for Guadeloupe?

Marion : My first encounter with Guadeloupe was during a trip with my best friend in December of 2014. Both sport lovers, we sought a destination that would allow us to do flying trapeze (yes, it’s a thing in Guadeloupe!), to surf (which i never tried before) and, overall, discover a new place to escape Switzerland’s winter.

With that said, deciding to leave my loved ones for a life that suited me more was not easy. But 4 years later, I don’t regret anything!

JS : What’s your favorite thing about the island?  

M : I love being this close to the ocean. I’ve also always been in love with the sea and today I couldn’t live without it! Being able to live and surf in a bikini all year round is a true luxury!

JS : What made you want to surf and for how long have you been a fan?

M : I first started surfing during my trip here in 2014 with my best friend who already tried surfing. Fun fact… I truly hated my first surf session (laughs)! Even being an athletic girl, surfing knocked me out! But being myself, rather stubborn, I couldn’t stop there. I did a second session before leaving, and another one during my next vacation… From session to session, surfing ended up being part of my daily life.


JS : Do you have any favorite surf spots in Guadeloupe or any recommendations for our fellow travelers?

M: Even if it may not be the best wave of Guadeloupe, my homespot is the Helleux. It’s where I first surfed and I actually live just above the spot! I have not yet surfed all the spots of the island, but I love the waves of Anse-Bertrand or those of Anse Salabouelle.

Photo credit: Yann Berthoule 

JS : Can you let us know what a day off in the life Marion sounds like?

M: Usually, I wake up early even when I'm not working. I get up, pour myself a cup of coffee and get down directly on the beach barefoot with my dog Bahia. I watch the waves I also do some yoga and meditation. It's my "miracle morning".

If the waves are good, I take my board and storm into the water. Otherwise, I set off to find the waves on the north of the island; my daily program depends essentially on the swell. If nothing appears surfable, I sometimes explore some new hiking trails and stunning waterfalls of Basse-Terre, or I relax at the beach (something that’s really hard for me since I love to move so much). To end the day beautifully, we usually have a little surf session “sunset at home” with friends, it really is priceless!

JS : If you had the chance to take a plane and leave tomorrow morning, where would you go, and why?

M : I would love to go to Indonesia to surf some of the waves that make me drool over social media! But this surf destination is getting more and more crowded and it’s also very complicated to get there from here…

So this year, it’s going to be Mexico! I’ll be leaving by myself in Baja California to surf. Lots of waves, the desert and breathtaking sunsets… I cannot wait!

JS : Being a fitness trainer, do you have any special tips for being motivated during a workout session?

M : I am a true lover of sports and human beings; I love to share what I know and think with others… I think that sharing what we love with passion is simply the best motivation. I also like to say that there is no good or better sport. We must only find the physical activity that suits us, the rest does not matter!

Photo credit by Yann Berthoule 


JS : Would it be possible for you to let us in on your best at home and efficient workout for when we do have a tiny bit of time?

M : A small HIIT bodyweight circuit! It's perfect for a quick training at home.

The goal is to do 4-5 exercises intensively with small breaks between each. For example, 30 seconds of effort with 30 seconds of recovery before moving on to the next one. (You can change the length of effort and recuperation based on your level). Repeat 4 or 5 times in a row. Perspiration guaranteed!!

For example:  

1) Squats (with jumps for higher intensity!)

2) Moutain climbers

3) Lunges (or easier option, with knee up) on the right

4) Lunges (or easier option, with knee up) on the left

5) 1 push up / 1 commando (go down on elbows from plank position and go back on hands) alternate.

But if you have never practiced these exercises before, always try to train with a coach at first to avoid any injuries!

JS : Which bathing suit do you prefer from the Summer bloom collection?

M : My favorite is the one I’m wearing in the forest: the Wilma top in Titanium and the Manue bottom in Fleur de bach. The fit and the print are both awesome and they are perfect for surfing!

JS : Lastly, how do you identify yourself with June?

M : Easy to say that June’s surf and sporty vibes attracted me immediately! I also like the idea that June works locally and has this eco-friendly spirit. When we are close to nature and when the ocean is our playground, we are necessarily more sensitive to protecting it.

Team June xo