Model Interview ~ Casablanca Collection

Charlyne Réhel —

As many of you already know, our Casablanca collection will be launched over the next few days. To get you in the mood, we present to you Michelle Bienvenue, the face of our Morrocan photo shoot which took place last fall. Inspiring and artistic, you’ll certainly fall, just like us, under her spell...

JS: Tell us a little more about you…

MB: I am a lover of the little things in life and the words. Poetry is like a therapy for me, I find that it’s a sweet universe for the soul in which I like to explore words. I am currently a marketing communication student, an area that I greatly appreciate because it allows me to be in contact with such beautiful people and to make great encounters. My deepest wish is simply to be happy and fulfilled where I will find myself over time, I trust in life and I believe in my abilities.


JS: How would you describe your style as model?

MB: I don’t like attributing the term "model" to my person. I see myself more as a muse, a young woman who wants to have fun and be creative in the world of photography. I like to have fun during my photography’s getaways, to be natural, to smile or to burst out laughing if I feel like it and more than anything to stay myself.


JS: What’s your idea of modelling?

MB: It's hard not to generalize, it's important to see the small advances that the beauty industry is making in terms of the variety of models, but in my opinion that's not enough. I believe that to convey more images of individuals who are true, happy and healthy would only be healthier for all. On the other hand, I find that we are a generation that is full of creativity and I find it beautiful to see the model evolve in this innovative and artistic bubble, it's refreshing!


JS: Since the beginning, you told us that you don’t think you fit the generic beauty norms? What’s the difference between yourself and other model?

MB: Yes, because the standards are ugly. I firmly believe that no one on earth should be degraded to normality since we are all beautifully unique, it is our differences that make up our beauty. I think what sets me apart from the conventional model is that I do it for fun, as a hobby and to learn, to discover what is behind the art of photography.


JS: Which images do you want to share in  your photos?

MB: Happiness, simplicity, life!



JS: What’s the next travel destination on your list?

MB: The rest of the world that I have not explored yet, but especially Southeast Asia and South America.


JS: Which song could you listen too on repeat without never getting bored?

MB: Definitely La Bohème, by Charles Aznavour.


JS: How would you describe your experience with the June Swimwear team in Morocco in one word? 

MB: INSPIRING. My opportunity with June Swimwear allowed me not only to experience unreal and unforgettable moments, but above all to meet inspiring, strong and determined women who live off their passions and that's just beautiful and soooo inspiring.

You only have a few days to wait before the launch of the Casablanca collection in which Michelle appears. Stay tuned!

Team June