Model interview ~ Ola de Calor collection

Janie Beauregard —

Ocean lover and adventure seeker, our very own Ola de calor model is simply one of the most radiant person we have had the chance to met. She has a way of making every piece of fabric she wears, attractive and desirable.

Carolina Reyes has a magnetic charm that leaves no one indifferent. In order to find you girls some scoops on our beautiful model, we asked her some questions and she nicely agreed to play the game.

 Let's get to know together, Carolina Reyes, the face behind this collection...


June Swimwear : What’s inspiring you when you’re modeling?

Carolina: I’m usually inspired by the place where the photoshoot takes place, whether it’s the beach or a city for example. The colors, the buildings, the vegetation, they inspire poses. Also I like modeling because it gives me the opportunity to meet inspiring people like the photographer or the entrepreneur behind the brand.


JS: How does your typical day off looks like?

C: I live right next to the beach so I’m usually always in a bikini on my day off, enjoying the ocean!


JS: What do you like most about your country, Mexico?

C: The biodiversity of the country is something that I love. There are mountains, jungle, desert, and the ocean! Every nature lover will find a place they will love and for sure be delighted by the stunning sunsets we have. I also think that we have amazing food, and that the people are super welcoming.

JS: Can you tell us a secret place in Mexico you adore?

C: I love Yelapa, Jalisco! It’s a small beach south of Puerto Vallarta that you can only reach by foot. There’s a waterfall that you can access by horses and the little town of Yelapa is super cute. I also like Bacalar, Quintana Roo where you can find the famous "Laguna de 7 colores" which is a magical place!


JS: What music is playing on your phone right now?

C: This Is Must To Be The Place , by Talking Heads. 


JS:  What dream do you hope to fulfill within the next year?

C: Travel, travel, travel!


JS: What country would you like to visit one day and why?

C: I would love to visit Greece and France! I always wanted to go there and discover their culture, food and cities full of history.


JS: What is your favorite place in Sayulita for food? For drink?

C: All places are good, I always go for breakfast at Natys, eat a good Pasta from Leda Ristorante, and  go to Le Zouave de Hafa for drinks . 


JS: Any funny fact about you that would like to share with us?

Carolina didn’t share any fun fact with us but we were certainly amazed by how she and many other people in Sayulita go barefoot everywhere all the time! Way to go!


 Team June xx