Body Shapes Guideline

Janie Beauregard —

Every woman is unique. We are all different in our own kind of way, but we all have similar body shapes. It can be hard sometimes to know which style or cut fits us best. Here’s a little guideline to help you make the right decision. You can also send this info to your other half (A subtle way to tell him what gift you want for the summer.)

Note that these are just suggestions to help you choose, but you can pick any swimsuit you want, as long as you’re comfy in it!


For all the girls with a strong chest, we recommend the Louise bikini top. In addition of being cute, it’s the top that provides the best support and is used for all kind of activities. You’ll definitely be safe with this one!

For a sporty but sexy kind of look, we suggest the Azza and the Amber top. The difference between these two you ask? Well you see, the Azza has a large band that goes under the breast for more support and it’s a sexy one on the sides. Go check out some pictures!

For a more casual bikini, the Romy top is still one of our favorite because it’s a triangle look, with all the support a girl need when she have a strong chest. We still have a few left from previous collections!

For the ones with a medium chest, any bikini top will fit, but we like to suggest the Nora, the Sam, the Jade and the Dakota top. You should choose according to the kind of activity you’re gonna do and mostly, which one is your favorite. We know it can be hard to select one, so choose one you’ll feel beautiful and confident with. You’re spoiled with choices!

For all the small chest out there, we got your back too! The Java is the perfect one for you! Its delicate design will look gorgeous on you and you can work on your tan with it. The Jade, the Nora and the Sam are also a good match for you, don’t be shy and try them out.


For our bottoms it’s simple, we have three choices of coverage according to your preferences and the activity you're into!

Full coverage is our Daisy. Even if we call it full coverage, we designed it so it won’t hide your assets. This fit is made to look good on each and everyone of you beauties.

Mid coverage includes the Victoria, the Ines, the Manue and the Meleana. It’s the details and the design that varies from one to another, so you can choose the one that makes your heart stop.

Light coverage is our legendary Bootykini. This collection, we called it the Elsa bikini bottom.  It's the perfect bottom if you wanna move, jump or dance all over the place; it will never let you down. We don’t recommend this bottom to girls who have stronger buttocks, because since it’s less coverage, it will give the illusion that it’s even smaller.

Our famous One-piece Rockie suits every body type, that’s why we like it so much. It just looks perfect on every chest size and looks even greater on girls with a smaller torso. This one is a mid-coverage bottom.

We hope this article helped enlightened some of you girls. Whatever style you choose, the ultimate secret to being irresistible is simple: be confident and have fun ! A girl who smile is always beautiful. (Cheezy but so true)

Team June