Experience Moments by June

Magalie Shah —

2020 was bound to be a year of innovation. While embarking on our eleventh year in the swimwear market, June wanted to keep on growing. We continuously strive to expand our horizons, to create meaningful designs and celebrate the women who support us—to celebrate you.

In 2020, we have taken a leap out of the waves and hit the ground running towards a whole new online exclusive division. Let us transport you elsewhere, to another moment, another place. To collect moments and to celebrate the romantic and ever-changing nature of life. Experience Moments by June.

Moments by June will encompass various apparels created to follow you on all your adventures. From new June items such as the Miko biker shorts to inspiring pieces created by collaborators who align with Moments' vocation, we wanted to treat you with complementary items. Among these, 18e avenue's beautifully designed clothing and Notice the reckless' t-shirts will be a part of this new division.

We wanted to bring you clothing that would easily follow you from the city to the beach, or from the comfort of your home to a lively 5 to 7.

Experience important moments with us and get ready for a new journey.


Collect memories and live in the moment.

Team June xo