Our Journey Into Ojai, California

Audrey Dufour —

Our lookbook for this December’s collection was inspired by Ojai Valley, California, and nurtured by the Airstreams of the Caravan Outpost where we stayed during our short stay. 

The city of Ojai is situated in the county of Ventura in the south-west of California and it is very well known for its colourful culture. Ojai is centred around its ecology, health, agriculture, environment, spirituality, music and local art and that’s what makes it such an inspiring place for creative minds. Ojai is also very rich in beautiful fauna and flora. It’s a little piece of paradise for those looking to recenter themselves and let their minds drift away. It was gold for us. 

Best hotel in town: Caravan Outpost. Actually, it’s not really a hotel but more an all year-around sunny camping site filled with over ten Airstreams and surrounded by a gorgeous botanical garden. This place attracts artists like no other and it is no wonder why; the concept is different, intriguing and the atmosphere over there is incredibly welcoming. Caravan Outpost’s goal is to offer a meeting point for a community of inventive travellers to share their ideas and meet like-minded people. In one short expression, we could qualify the experience as "hippy glamping". Moreover, Caravan Outpost’s team is working on making the place fully solar-powered and bicycles are available in order to let you drive around freely with in mind this idea of harmonizing human and nature.  

The Airstreams can accommodate between 2 and 4 people and prices vary between 189$ and 219$ US per night. They’re equipped with a shower, a kitchen, a full bed, a bathroom, and a foldable-bed. Air-conditioning, wifi, kitchen tools, refrigerator, bedding and even a coffee machine are available for vacationers to use.  

In brief, Ojai is one of the most inspiring, revitalizing and soothing place we’ve ever visited. If you go to Ventura, you have to go to Caravan Outpost, it’s worth the curve, word of June!