Photographer Interview ~ Secret Garden Collection

Charlyne Réhel —

As we are getting ready for the launch of our Secret Garden collection, we wanna get you in the mood by introducing the photographer behind our Moroccan photoshoot - the beyond talented Cynthia Carazato commonly named Caraz.  At only 25 years old she's working on the coolest projects in town.


JS: Tell us how you got started in photography?

CC: After I graduated from university in communication/television and my formation in publicity, I was looking for a way to stands out of the crowd. I didn't really wanted to follow the usual path and have to wait many years before starting doing what I really like. It's during my first trip in Bali, that I really got into photography. It's also during that time that found my aesthetics and worked on my technique. Back in Montreal, I started lying and told everybody that I was a photographer. Believe it or not, that worked! After that, many people believed in me and hired me for their lookbook and branding. I'm a real photographer since!

 JS: How does this partnership with June was a great opportunity for you?

CC: It's also during that trip that I got lucky enough to find myself on the June Swimwear photoshoot! I was working on the '' behind the scenes '' pictures while the photographer, Cait Miers, was taking the pictures of the upcoming collection. I could only imagine how good it would be shooting pictures for a plentiful and vibrant brand like June! Few years later, the opportunity of taking pictures (for the lookbook this time) arrived, I couldn't say no and had to dive into that moroccan adventure with them! 

JS: What inspired you about Morocco?

CC: In the eyes of the West, Morocco is above all a story of meaning. Breathtaking landscapes, the variety of flavors and smells - the sense are constantly excited! It's hard not to be inspired by so much beauty, especially the natural quality of light in Morocco. 

JS: How do you as a photographer make sure the person or the landscape you want to shoot looks the way you want it to?

CC: My principal vision is always to make sure my client and I understand each other and work along together. Before starting a project, I make sure I understand the branding, values and style of my client. It's important to understand the company you're working for if you wanna give them what they are expecting. Afterwards, when I'm doing the selection, I always suggest pictures with the same composition, pose and expression. I let the client take the final decision because they know their target market better than I do!

JS: Do you have a mantra who guides you in your practice?

CC: Yes, never start a photoshoot after a overnight flight. Unfortunately, I'm not really good to follow that mantra! 

JS: How does your passion for what you do reflect in your work?

CC: I work all-the-time, literally seven days a week because I have to as a career photographer and director. I always juggle one project to the next and that's the reason why I never get bored! Even if my work takes 70% of my time, I still love it! That's being passionate right? 

JS: Which lens did you use for this photoshoot?

CC: I've got 5 objectives - 16-35 mm and 4 prime 35, 50, 85 and 100. On this specific photoshoot, I've used mainly the 50mm because it's a focus that gives a real perspective of the clothes. For the landscapes pictures, I've used the 100mm macro to amplify the illusion of proximity between the model and the background. My new thing in photography and film is the wide shot! I used often my 16-35 because I like wide framing with the small model inside. 

JS: What was your biggest challenge about this photoshoot in Morocco?

CC: When I was trying to do the online check-in for my flight, I realized that my flight ticket has been cancelled. I don't even need to mention how bad that felt, I was panicking! It was a real challenge to try to book the same flight as the team only 5 hours before the departure. Luckily, I found a seat in the middle row between two ladies who were really excited about seeing a dromedary for the first time! 

The wait is almost over, we are launching the Secret Garden photo collection by Caraz really soon. Stay tuned, it's definitely worth it! 

Team June xx