Team June: Rita Arnaus

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Born from two windsurfing champions, it is not surprising that Rita found her passion in the water. At 21 years old, the young Spaniard is a professional kiteboarder with over three goal models to her name. She is part of Team June because she is determined, ambitious, and devoted young woman.

Favorite surf or kite spot(s)?  
In Brazil, Cumbuco, Uruau… But my favourite place to kite is everywhere I am with friends and there’s good wind and flat water. I must say I also love to kite in my home spot, Sant Pere Pescador. 

What trick(s) do you wish to pull off? 
All of them! But the most I would like to do is double handle pass as I think is very difficult. 

Something funny that happened to you while traveling? 
One day when I was in Cumbuco, Brazil, kiting in the lagoon far away from the town, we asked some friends if they could be able to drive us back so we could kite till sunset. When it was time to go we packed the buggy, but our friends were gone! We asked some Brazilian guys if they could help us, but they were having a party..."You have to join the party and after we will drive you", they told us... And well, it just turned out to be an epic night! 

Which achievement(s) are you the most proud of? 
To make it where I am now!! I’m very proud to have the amazing sponsors I have and to enjoy my wonderful life in the best way I could ever imagine.