The best autumn destinations for 2020

Audrey-Anne Marcotte —

Did you know, Canada is well known for its outdoor destinations? This season, why don't we escape our routine and get lost in the woods?

This year, Gaspésie is one of the most visited places in Quebec. Located in the east center of Quebec, this region has a lot to offer, especially for its tourist heritage, hiking trails, sea excursions, and microbreweries...

Mont Albert, QC

We chose hiking as a fall experience to enjoy the beautiful colors we have in Quebec during Fall season. There is plenty of trails to discover around the National Park of Gaspésie. Among these, we do recommend "Mont Albert'. This 17.4 km trail has out-breathing views to offer. This trail is an intermediary one since the principal component is rock.

photo source : Sepaq


The Five Summit Challenge, QC

For experts, we do recommend the five summits challenge in Charlevoix. If you're dreaming about traveling the world with your backpack, then this challenge is for you. The purpose is to reach the five summits (Liguori, Dôme, Morios, Menaud, and Liguori summits) between June and October.

Psst, don't forget your sweater and your beanie; Charlevoix is very cold during Fall season.

photo source : Espace QC


Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, QC

June's team's third destination falls favorites is Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook (yes, the famous ice cream spot). This place is ideal for admiring nature and fall colors. You have access to a cave, a floral garden, a tower, and the famous hanging bridge you might have seen on Instagram.

High Falls, ON

Are you dreaming about a road trip outside of Quebec? Ontario has many to offer when it comes to autumn destinations. Fortunately, it is possible to travel around Canada this year. Located at a few hours from Montreal, High Falls is an unknown destination for tourists. During the low season, this place is somewhat quiet. This 2km trail gives access to a beautiful waterfall. You can also do canoe around the lake. A little bill chilly to wear your favorite June swimwear, but what wouldn’t we do for an Instagram picture?

photo source : Tripadvisor


We hope you will enjoy these trails as much as we did.

Team June xo