Tips to make your favorite bikini last longer!

Charlyne Réhel —

Between salty and chlorine dips, sunscreen and sweat, your swimsuit must be taken care of in order to last longer and be a part of many more adventures. Plus, we all know a bikini isn’t the easiest thing to find, let’s make sure to follow these steps to keep it as long as possible!  


Rinse It!
First thing first, you must rinse it with freshwater every time you wear it, even if it’s just for sunbathing. The sunscreen and tanning oils that you might be wearing can damage the material, especially the lighter colors. This simple step can save your favorite white bikini from yellow stains!


Hand Wash it!
Hand wash it delicately in the sink with cold water. Repeat after us, I’ll never put a swimsuit in a washing machine or dryer again. These are extremely damageable for the material (spandex) and will shorten its lifespan.  

Soap It!
Soap it up with a mild hand soap, you can also leave it for few minutes in the sink. Make you to rinse it well as you don’t want to stain the material or bubble up next time you go for a swim!


… Let It dry!
Lay your swimsuit in the shade to dry. We highly suggest avoiding to hang it as it can stretch the material on the long term.


Wait, the sun is bad for a swimsuit?
Yes, the sunshine is damageable for the material especially for the colors. You know the bright pink bikini you bought few years ago that isn’t so bright anymore? The sun might be the main reason why. Another good idea to reduce the sun exposure would be to bring more than one bikini with you during your next holiday so you can rotate them and wash them properly between each use.

Team June xx