Camille Wilkie

June Swimwear —

Always up for adventures, Camille is the kind of girl you wanna have as a friend because she'll follow you whichever activity you're into! No wonder why she's studying physical and health education. She's a real life lover and make sure to appreciate the simple pleasure as they comes!

JS: What’s your all time favourite June Swimwear style and why?
CW: That would be a very hard choice since all june bikinis are perfect. I love the fact that they’re original and stylish while providing maximum support during watersports activities. All though I would say I have a crush for the back details of the back details of the Melli top.

JS: How did you get into social media?
CW: I’ve been interested in social media for a while now since Instagram as arrived. I love this app because it focuses on the pictures. Since I’ve always been passionate about photography, this app allows me to share my photos, look at my friends photos and also the work of some very talented photographers out there.

JS: What do you like the most about them?
CW: As I’ve said earlier, I love photography. Instagram really helps me express myself. I love sharing photos of my hobbies and passions with my friends. The most important part is to publish content that really represent who you are. It also allows me to discover new things, meet new people and much more.

JS: When you’re not busy with the social media, what are you up to?
CW: Surfing in the river, mountain hiking, having a picnic and having a good time around the fire at my cottage with my friends is a normal day for me. I like keeping things moving because I have a lot of energy that I need to burn. I try to go outside as much as possible and take some time off to breathe.

JS: Right now, what are you most looking forward in life?
CW: Right now, I’m really looking forward to moving out and decorating my own place. Once that’s done, it won’t be too long for me to have my first dog and that get me really excited!

JS: Three things you cannot live without…ready, go!
CW: My go to essentials are my surfboard, summer road trips with my friends with the windows down and the music real loud. Ohh and my ice cream cone of course!


JS: What are you listening to now?
CW: Right now, I would say Lane 8. I like the electro mix and smooth vibe it adds to it. Perfect for long trips!

JS: We know you love travelling, what’s the next destination on your bucket list?CW: The list is long trust me. But this summer I’ll have a chance to cross Spain and Portugal off my bucket list with my bestfriend! Can’t wait for new adventures!