Emanuelle Desrochers

June Swimwear —

Passionnante lover of the outdoors and the ocean, Emmanuelle left her small ski town at the age of 18 to go live in Panama for few years, then finally moved to New Zealand with surf and adventure in mind. Manue work as a water resources engineer, and through her work she's aiming to manage our water resources in a sustainable way, whilst being able to surf every day in pristine nooks and crannies of this little island. Independent and inspiring - she represents the Team June spirit like no other! 

JS: What’s your all time favourite June Swimwear style and why?
ED: I love the Manue bottom of course as the fit is so comfy. I also love the Rockie One-Piece for surfing, great belly coverage to prevent those ab rashes haha.

Did you know? Emanuelle has a product that was named after her, the Manue bottom and it's definitely one of our favourites!

JS: At what point did you know surfing was going to be more than just a hobby for you?
ED: When I was 18, I went on my first solo trip one summer to Central America (Costa Rica and Panama Caribbean), with in mind to give surfing a go. I found it soo difficult (broke my nose, and was trying to learn on a tiny board in heavy reefbreaks) ! But when I caught my first wave and glided on this crystal clear blue water for what seemed like forever, that was pretty much it (as quirky as it may sound). I was generally a pretty stressed out person in life, and surfing completely changed me – I was able to let go. So haleluia to that. From then on, I promised myself that I would integrate surfing into my day to day, no matter what it took. And here I am, many surf trips around the world and 10 years later, doing just that.

JS: Is there one wave/surf spot that you just can’t get out of your head?
ED: Yes – on particular A-Frame in the Caribbean, where I learned to surf, almost drowned, caught some of the best waves of my life, cut my feet and legs and participated in my first (and only!) surf comp.

JS: Where do you find inspiration when you get down or low-energy?
ED:  A walk in the forest. And sometimes, a swim in the ocean will do (of course!).

JS: What’s the next destination on your bucket list?
ED: Somewhere in the Pacific Islands..

    JS: What are you listening to now?
    ED: Jordan!

    JS: What’s the funniest thing that happened to you while travelling?
    ED: Broke my nose on my second surf ever, had this massive purple lump across my face for a month. Got chased out of the water by a saltwater croc.

    JS: How do you deal with long flight?
    ED: Hydration, in-flight stretches, a good read. Oh and that little eye mask for siesta time.

    JS: Any advice for girls who want to get into surfing?
    ED: Start on a big board, and work your way down. Shortboards are not cool if you’re not ready yet (I do wish someone would have told me that) ! Put your heart and time into it – go spend a couple of months in a mellow spot where the water is warm. Surfing takes time, but once you start getting it, it’s just bliss.