Laurance Giguère

June Swimwear —

Currently studying communication at University of Montreal, Laurance is trying to escape the city whenever she has a moment off. Always up for everything-outside-of-her-comfort-zone, she always has her camera close by to capture the moment. What do we like the most about this girl ? She always has loads of project in her mind! Keep being inspiring us, girlfriend!

JS: What’s your all time favourite June Swimwear style and why?

LG: I love the support and style of the Louise top (I wear it with a Bootykini) . The support has always been a problem with my swimsuits, especially when surfing. Now I can surf in style and make sure I won’t lose my swimsuit between two waves haha!

JS: How did you got into social media?

LG: I got into social medias at 18 when I started to travel by myself. I could post pictures and my experiences with my friends and family. Moreover, I could stay in touch with new friends and even meet new people when travelling at the same places.

JS: What do you like the most about them?
LG: Meeting people and stay in touch with friends from all around the world.

JS: When you’re not busy with the social media, what are you up to?
LG: I love to be outside and go hiking, surfing or snowboarding when I can, fabric jewelry, spend quality time with my friends or family, in a library or in coffee shops…

JS: Right now, what are you most looking forward in life?
LG: To be done with my studies at University and travelling as much as I can.

JS: Three things you cannot live without…ready, go!

LG: My camera, peanut butter (ahah) and my books !

JS: What are you listening to now?

LG: I can stop listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers !

JS: We know you love travelling, what’s the next destination on your bucket list?
LG: Where should I start? Island or Morocco ? South America, New-Zeland or Australia…? Let’s say Morocco!