Laurence Bolduc-Hénen

June Swimwear —

Last July, Laurence decided to leave her little world behind to discover the world with her boyfriend until they-don't-know-when. Their journey around the world led them to the creation of  Off To Placesan online travel magazine to inspire people to travel further and longer. In a world were everything's going by so fast, they decided to go with the flow and enjoy the ride as nomades! 

JS: What’s your all time favourite June Swimwear style and why?

L B-H: The Bootykini 2.0! It is without a doubt the most comfy bottom and it
holds up on the beach AND in the waves. I love it in all colors,
patterns or not!

JS: Why did you choose to put your ‘’ normal life ‘’ on pause to
discover the world?

L B-H: Over the years, every time I would returned from travelling, I would
want to continue just a bit longer, as if I was about to experience
something incredible and I was always stopping right before. In 2015,
I spent three months in Asia and my return home was the trigger:  3
months had not been enough either, I then knew I had to travel for at
least a year. I also wanted to take some time for myself and to evolve outside my
routine, my career and my comfort zone. It was important for me
through this adventure to live every moment thoroughly, to learn about
other realities than mine and to broaden my vision of the world.

JS: You’ve traveled to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Tell us which one is your favourite and why?

L B-H: To me, every beach is unique and it's impossible to only name one! So
here's my top 3: Cayo Zapatilla in Panama for its crystalline waters, its white sand
that looks like flour and the peaceful vibe of this desert island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Phra Nang beach in Ao Nang, Thailand, for its exotic mix of rock formations, emerald green waters and monkeys chilling between beach towels. Finally, Praia de Marinha in the Algarve in Portugal for its scenery of cliffs and turquoise water completely grandiose. Needless to say all these beaches had breathtaking sunsets as well!

JS: We know you love travelling. What’s the next destination on the bucket list?

L B-H: I'll keep exploring Australia for a few months and then I would love
to visit the Philippines, Thaiti, Tanzania and Jordan!

JS: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt while travelling?

L B-H: I would say that life on the road is completely different than life at
home. Routine does not exist, every day the unexpected becomes new
opportunities and your comfort zone is 20 000km away on the other side
of the planet. You have no choice but to live in the here and now,
because it is absolutely useless to think ahead, to worry about where
you'll be sleeping in a month and about what job you'll find when
you'll get to Australia. You learn to live with yourself here and now
every single day.

JS: Three things you cannot live without…ready, go!

L B-H: My family, my friends and my boyfriend (ok, also my dog), Food. One of my greatest pleasure in life is eating. I like everything and I'm always hungry and no kidding, my June bikinis (which I ALL lost on the train in Rome
and that - miraculously, with the help of the controller and a lot of
will - , I got back at the airport two weeks later!).

JS: What are you listening to now?

L B-H: I am so not ashamed to say it; Céline Dion!

JS: Any advice for girls who would like to travel the world but are too
scared to leave their comfort zone?

L B-H: GO !!! We only have one life and it's important to live it the way we
want. Wether it’s to travel, to go and live abroad, to start your
business, to change career paths, I'm telling every one of you;
EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You simply have to believe in yourself and
take action.

Here's a tip: establish what would be your ultimate goal if everything
was possible, list all the obstacles that prevent you from getting
there and find a solution for each one. It sounds simple, but that's
what I did and it worked.

Kisses from Australia xx