Marie-Christine Amyot

June Swimwear —

As soon as she graduated university, Marie-Christine decided to get into her very first surf expeditions between Indonesia, Central America and South America. What she didn't know at that time... is that she'll never really come back from her journey! Always wanted to find a way to live of her passion, she co-created her own surf and yoga retreat company in Ecuador: Salty Souls Experience. When she has a Bootykini and a board in hand, nothing can stop her, not even the biggest waves! 

JS: What’s your all time favourite June Swimwear style and why?
MCA: For surfing, the Alex top and the Cabo bottom are my best friends when waves are pumping. But I also love the Wilma and Louise top and the Manue bottom, they’re just so comfy.

JS: At what point did you know surfing was going to be more than just a hobby for you?
MCA: I kind of knew it before I even tried haha… I just have had a really strong love affair with the ocean since the first time I saw it when I was six years old- and I’ve always love board sports. So, when I first tried surfing five years ago, it just confirmed to me that I wanted it to be fully present in my life.

JS: Is there one wave/surf spot that you just can’t get out of your head?
MCA: Naming just one would be too hard…I love Lance’s Right (Mentawais) & Nias in Indonesia. Galapagos Island in Ecuador have amazing waves. Punta Mango & Las Flores in El Salvador is incredible and I just can’t get enough of this place I now call my second home, Montañita in Ecuador!

JS: Where do you find inspiration when you get down or low-energy?
MCA: I surf! I always come up with the best ideas during my surf sessions. It’s my way to release stress and to get inspired. And then I eat chocolate… and then I’m on top of my game! When I can’t surf, I find a way to move!

JS: What’s the next destination on your bucket list?
MCA: Ah there’s so many! But I really want to go to French Polynesia!

JS: What are you listening to now?
MCA: At this precise moment, the song that is playing is The Knife- Heartbearts. But I have a pretty wide range of music, depending how I feel… From reggaeton to old school rock’n’roll or hiphop. Sultan of Swings by Dire Strait is definitely one of my favorite song ever.

JS: What’s the funniest thing that happened to you while travelling?
MCA: I was surfing in Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and I may have overestimated my abilities to face those big violent waves… I did a nice nose dive, trying to stand up on a steep wave, and next thing I knew I had violently received my fin at the back of my ear. My ear had been sliced in two, and it was hanging and bleeding all over me. When my boyfriend saw what had happened he instantly got out of the water with me, and the first thing he did when he really saw me was yell “AHH! That is disgusting!…” What a nice reassuring thing for a boyfriend to say! I went to the local doctor of Puerto Escondido, doctor PEPE, who is a gynecologist in a very rustic kinda clinic. He put eleven stitches in my head and ear. He was almost stitching me up with the needle in one hand and a coffee in the other and didn’t want to give me any anesthetic! “You can handle this, anesthetic is for weak people!”

So well, it did hurt and I looked like an elf with my swollen ear for a couple of days. But now, all I have left is a nice scar that reminds me that story and the funny character of Dr.Pepe.

JS: How do you deal with long flight?
I don’t deal very well with long flight so if you have good tricks, I’m all ears. When I get in a plane, I cross my fingers and pray that the flight isn’t full so I can have three seats, ideally four, for myself. Then I can sleep during the whole flight. When this is not happening and the flight is full, I take a “gravol” (nausea pill) and work on my patience.

JS: Any advice for girls who want to get into surfing?
DO IT!!! Don’t try to learn with a short board… It looks cooler, but you ain’t going to catch any waves with it. Get yourself some surf classes with a local surfer. Train that upper body, girl ! The more strength, endurance and flexibility you have, the better. Watch good surfers surfing. Watch surf movies. Embrace the learning process because it does take a lot of time. Don’t get intimidated if you’re the only girl in the water, you deserve your wave as much as any other. Mostly, be patient and persistent; learning how to surf takes a lifetime. And mostly, MOSTLY, HAVE FUN!