Naomi Bishop

June Swimwear —

Coming from a small village in England, her two brothers introduced Naomi into the surf culture. She's always been an ocean lover, catching her first proper wave during a surfing trip with her older brother. Since then she's been hooked! Naomi is now a surf instructor and travel the world with Barefoot Surf camp, a Montreal based travel company who organize surfing trip in Central America and Asia. Inspired by Naomi and her desire to share her passion with others, we're more than happy to have her on board on the June Team. 

JS: What’s your all time favourite June Swimwear style and why?
NB: Bootykini are great bottoms that stay on when I duck dive!  I love the Yvonne bikini for beach days

JS: Is there one wave/surf spot that you just can’t get out of your head?
NB: Goodness, that a tricky question. I love the Mentawai's, Sumbawa, Costa Rica & Nicaragua. I know that's a lot but I enjoyed surfing in all the places.

JS: Where do you find inspiration when you get down or low-energy?
NB: Meet up with friends, or find something to busy myself with! If it's not surfing then some form of exercise but mostly surfing!

    JS: What’s the next destination on your bucket list?
    NB: Peru or Iceland.

    JS: What are you listening to now?
    NB: Maribou State

    JS: What’s the funniest thing that happened to you while travelling?
    NB: Well, I always find myself in funny situations in general but one that stood out to me was last month when I was in Costa Rica, me and my boyfriend found ourselves driving down the steepest hill try to hold six surfboards on the front of the quad bike only being held on by one bungee tie. Trying to concentrate but laughing so hard was tough. We made it, but only just!

    JS: How do you deal with long flight?
    NB: Make sure I don't watch any films leading up to my flight then watch as many as I can on the plane! I am a good sleeper though so that helps.

    JS: Any advice for girls who want to get into surfing?
    NB: Yes, do it! Find a good surf school with good coaches ( check reviews ) Go with the intention to have fun and you will never be disappointed.