SOJA&CO. Candle (4oz) SOJA&CO. Candle (4oz)
SOJA&CO. Candle (4oz)

SOJA&CO. Candle (4oz) in Lilac + Rosemary

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As soothing as the first Spring breeze, this candle is reminiscent of a June stroll through a Provence field. As we get carried away in this calming and feminine environment, we also find energizing notes of orange zest, followed by woody and vanilla aromas. A chic combination of floral and spicy scents, this fragrance portrays a gentle balance in which rosemary is to lilac what yin is to yang.

Reusable amber glass jar - give it a second life!

SOJA&CO. perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-polluting candle.
  • 4 oz candle 
  • 100% natural soy wax
  • cruelty-free & vegan
  • Made in Quebec
  • Burning time  2 oz - 12h // 4 oz - 25h // 8 oz - 50h