Our Story

June Swimwear began with a simple goal: give women the freedom to embrace sunshine, surf, and everything travel can mean. Founded in 2009, we’ve constantly aimed to create the perfect bikini for the girl who craves salt in her hair, sand in her clothes, and truly genuine vacation memories. Always versatile and comfortable, our products are designed to help you look great, feel great, and never let you down...because the last thing you need is your bikini taking a little vacation of its own.

When Ju Becomes Three

While not necessarily the best photo of us, it's a memorable one of the first time we took a trip together as the 3 Julies. There are many more adventures to come, but this will always be special and symbolic for us.


Julie M.D.

Though you might overhear people calling her June, Julie is the designer and founder of the company that originally launched in 2009. Bitten by the travel bug at the age of 17, she fell completely in love with surf culture. It was a no-brainer to pair up her new obsession with her technical skills as a fashion designer and needleworker. She can finally say that her bikinis really are travelling #allaroundtheworld


Julie G.

Julie (or as she prefers, Jully) is the graphic artist behind June’s prints, products, and the graphic designer for the company. Mother of a little man, and co-founder of the blog cuisinne.com, we can’t help but admit that it never hurts to have someone act as the mom around the office, and make sure we eat something healthy every now and then.


Julie B.

Julie, or “JueB”, takes care of everything related to sales and marketing. Also the co-owner of the agency Top Notch, she has the restless soul of an eternal traveler — we never know when she may disappear next, only to find out she’s on an entirely different continent. Bringing a ton of sales experience and fashion expertise, without her our collections would never be complete.

Partners in Crime

Every new collection launch presents a unique set of challenges, but also gives us the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people. Each contributed something invaluable to June, while also carving their own path in their own domain. Check out their projects, too!


Azran & Chank x Malboeuf


Expats of the team that founded and launched Frank & Oak in 2012, they’ve since moved on to form their own agency that focuses entirely on branding and ecommerce, and helped us put together this new experience.


Kim & Simon


Partners in life and also behind the camera, they’ve helped us put together four of our editorial lookbooks — and this certainly won’t be the last!


Jess Metni


Formerly an international model, Jess has transitioned to the world of production and art direction, helping us put together this season’s studio photoshoot.


Frédérik D. Veyrié


Fred has been our intern since the begining of 2017, and is currently studying fashion marketing at university. Always on the hunt for the next adventure, she's already thinking about where to explore next! 


Salty Souls


Salty Souls is a project of two travelers, friends, Erika Drolet and Marie-Christine Amyot..also june ambassadros. This season we have a collab with them specially designed for their yoga retreats that you'll be able to mix and match with the rest of the collection.


Fred / Les.Basics


Previously the one behind our Instagram account, she has sinced moved on and moved away entirely! Now living in Canggu, Bali, where she opened a cute little store (Les.basics) and launched her own line of clothing, available on our site. She is sending sun your way!


Léa Bégin


Lea is the magic makeup artist we’ve been working with for years on all of our studio photoshoots. She just recently launched her own personal project, so check it out.


Charmaine San Pedro


I do a bit of a lot of things; mainly in the Arts & Humanity industry. I’ve been working professionally as an Artist Manager for a talented R&B-soul singer-songwriter, I’ve worked in the film industry for quite some time on the production and marketing side as well, I’m deeply involved in my philanthropy and humanitarian work, and I also have the opportunity to be modeling with my amazing agency, Plutino Models, for a variety of different brands and collaborators from around the globe. (Such as June Swimwear!) 

...and you. #juneallaroundtheworld