About us

June Swimwear began with a simple goal: give women the freedom to embrace sunshine, surf, and everything travel can mean. Founded in 2009, we’ve constantly aimed to create the perfect bikini for the girl who craves salt in her hair, sand in her clothes, and truly genuine vacation memories. Always versatile and comfortable, our products are designed to help you look great, feel great, and never let you down... Because the last thing you need is your bikini taking a little vacation of its own.

Creative minds inspire others

Sun seekers, wave chasers, beach huggers... this is who we are behind the brand. Our creative team consist of passionate women who can never get enough salt water. We are driven by the idea of making our products a part of your next adventure under the sun. The June Swimwear team brings out the best in each other in every way! Discover who we are... 


Julie M.D.

Though you might overhear people calling her June, Julie is the founder and designer of the company that originally launched in 2009. Bitten by the travel bug at the age of 17, she fell completely in love with surf culture. It was a no-brainer to pair up her new obsession with her technical skills as a fashion designer and needleworker. She can finally say that her bikinis really are travelling #allaroundtheworld


Julie G.

Jully is the co-designer for our divison By June as well the graphic artist behind most of June’s prints. She also helps our designer with different part of the swimsuit production. She's been around since the beginning of the company and June would definitely not be the same today without her. She brings creativity, humour and good vibes in the workspace!


Julie B.

Julie, or “JueB”, takes care of everything related to sales and marketing. Also the co-owner of the agency Top Notch, she has the restless soul of an eternal traveler — we never know when she may disappear next, only to find out she’s on an entirely different continent. Bringing a ton of sales experience and fashion expertise, without her our collections would never be complete.



Alicia is our communication and customer experience specialist. She is the one taking care of our website, social media, content creation, collaborations and most importantly our lovely customers! We absolutely love having her on our team! Her refreshing ideas, her energy and her kindness are the perfect addition to our team.



Lara is our sales representative at Agence Top Notch. She is in charge of promoting and propelling our products and the June lifestyle on the market. Her expertise and her passion for travels, sports, fashion and relationships make her the perfect person to represent June!

Partners in Crime

Every new collection launch presents a unique set of challenges, but also gives us the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people. Each contributed something invaluable to June, while also carving their own path in their own domain. Check out their projects, too!


Brooklyn Plante


Originally from Canada but raised in Indonesia, Brooklyn embodies a blend of diverse cultures and experiences. As a model, she has graced our studio photoshoots for the collaboration with Notice and Summer 24 collections. Passionate about life under the sun, Brooklyn loves swimming, dancing, and cooking. Her love for the beach is evident, often found tanning with a coconut in hand.


Elise Achille


Elise was our studio model for the Tulum Escape capsule. Holder of a master's degree in literary studies, she is passionate about writing and reading. She also wrote a text in the collective work “Il y a des joies dont on ignore l'existence”. Her gentleness and her desire to change beauty standards in the modeling world inspire us a lot. We look forward to following her in her future projects and collaborating with her again!


Cecília Faias


Cecília, also known as Sissi, grew up on São Miguel Island, where her days were filled with surfing, fostering her deep connection with the ocean. As a surf coach during high school, she shared her passion for nature with others. Transitioning to Lisbon for management studies, she discovered her love for fashion and pursued a modeling career alongside her academic pursuits and surf coaching. Cecília/Sissi embodies an extroverted persona, exuding passion for life in all endeavors.


Nilamee Gnocchini


Nilamee was our studio model for VALLIER X JUNE and Spring 24. Her love for travel complements her modeling career perfectly, allowing her to explore the world through various contracts. She had the opportunity to live in Mexico City for a few years, where she honed her skills with a local agency. Apart from modeling, Nilamee is a sporty individual who enjoys running and hiking. We are looking forward to following her future adventures and excited to share this journey with her!


Isabelle Royer


Isabelle was our studio model for the Way to Unknown collection. Combining her passion for travel with her modeling career, she has had the opportunity to travel the world with her various contracts. She also had the chance to live in Milan, Barcelona and Paris. In addition to being a traveler at heart, she loves skiing and dreams of hitting the slopes of Zermatt in Switzerland. Her thirst to explore really resonates with us and we can't wait to follow her on her next adventure!


Mariepier Bastien


Mariepier was our model for our Way to Unknown collection. Content creator, lecturer at the University of Ottawa and marketing director, she spends her daily life converting her Sprinter into a van and planning her next trips. We can't wait to follow her on her next adventures!


Savitri Bastiani


Savitri was, once again, our studio photographer for our new collection. She has the perfect eye to capture a moment that would otherwise be gone. Savitri’s work is full of talent and we hope to continue working with her for a long time.


Pancha Rojas Hevia


Pancha was the makeup artist for the studio shoot of our early spring collection. Passionate about makeup, she’s been doing this job for 5 years now. We love the natural and unique looks she created on the models for the shoot and we can't wait to work with her again!


Chloé Leroux


With tons of energy, Coco is our lifestyle model for our "Sous le soleil du Salvador" collection. We loved working with her because of her simplicity and her way of thinking: living every moment to the fullest and
seeing the beauty in all the little things. Always full of new ideas, Coco is a new owner of a shack where she spends most of her time. We can't wait to follow her in her new projects!


Erika Drolet


Erika is the co-founder of The Salty Souls & The Salty Club! She’s been an ambassador for June Swimwear for some time now and we love working with her. We love her for her energetic vibe and her creative content. You’ll find her surfing, snowboarding, working out and everything in between.


Marie-Christine Amyot


Marie-Christine has been an ambassador for June Swimwear for a long time now. Alongside Erika, she’s the co-founder of The Salty Souls & The Salty Club. She is passionate, she loves travelling and she especially loves the ocean. We can’t wait to work on new projects with Marie and to collaborate in the future.

...and you. #juneallaroundtheworld