June Swimwear began with a simple goal: give women the freedom to embrace sunshine, surf, and everything travel can mean. Founded in 2009, we’ve constantly aimed to create the perfect bikini for the girl who craves salt in her hair, sand in her clothes, and truly genuine vacation memories. Always versatile and comfortable, our products are designed to help you look great, feel great, and never let you down...because the last thing you need is your bikini taking a little vacation of its own.

Creative minds inspire others

Ocean lovers, travelers and passionates... that's who we are behind the brand. Constantly seeking new challenges, the June Swimwear team brings out the best in each other in every way!


Julie M.D.

Though you might overhear people calling her June, Julie is the founder and designer of the company that originally launched in 2009. Bitten by the travel bug at the age of 17, she fell completely in love with surf culture. It was a no-brainer to pair up her new obsession with her technical skills as a fashion designer and needleworker. She can finally say that her bikinis really are travelling #allaroundtheworld


Julie G.

Jully is the graphic artist behind most of June’s prints, the graphic designer for the company and helps our designer with different part of the production. She's been around since the beginning of the company and June would definitely not be the same today without her. She brings creativity, humour and good vibes in the workspace!


Julie B.

Julie, or “JueB”, takes care of everything related to sales and marketing. Also the co-owner of the agency Top Notch, she has the restless soul of an eternal traveler — we never know when she may disappear next, only to find out she’s on an entirely different continent. Bringing a ton of sales experience and fashion expertise, without her our collections would never be complete.



Charlyne is the communication specialist at June's. She's the girl behind our social media, content creation, ambassadors, website, etc. Walking around writing and drawing in her notebook, she always has a load going on in her mind and many projects to work on at the same time. Always searching for the next adventure, she definitely got the travel bug!



Janie is our helper with the production and also helps with the content creation for our social medias and website. She super versatile and we love it! Currently studying in fashion management, she used to be our intern here at the office and we couldn't see her leave the team just yet. She's the little keeper that we love and such a great person to be around!



Audrey is our latest addition to the team. Graphic designer and in charge of the customer service, Audrey has a bright creative side and loves thinking  outside the box to bring new ideas on the table. Adventure lover, we're happy to have her on board! 

Partners in Crime

Every new collection launch presents a unique set of challenges, but also gives us the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people. Each contributed something invaluable to June, while also carving their own path in their own domain. Check out their projects, too!


Carolina Reyes


Passionate about travel, Carolina is our new lifestyle model this collection. She’s inspiring us a lot and it’s obvious why. She’s stunning in every possible way (in and out)! She’s definitively a rare gem. 


Martin Guay


Martin is the cool guy behind the Guava Surfboards you might know from our website. Talented entrepreneur who loves what he does every day, collaborating with him as been a blast!  


Jessica Gouin


Jessica is the studio model for our next collection. Bubbly and energetic, we loved working along with her! She's definitely one of the coolest girl with had the opportunity to collaborate with. You're a keeper Jess! 


Savitri Bastiani


Bastiani is our favorite photographer. She has the perfect eye to capture a moment that would be otherwise gone. She is one of the most talented woman we know and we hope to continue working with her for a long time.


Salty Souls


Salty Souls is a project of two travelers, friends, Erika Drolet and Marie-Christine Amyot..also june ambassadros. This season we have a collab with them specially designed for their yoga retreats that you'll be able to mix and match with the rest of the collection.


Léa Bégin


Lea is the magic makeup artist we’ve been working with for years on all of our studio photoshoots. She just recently launched her own personal project, so check it out.

...and you. #juneallaroundtheworld