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Inspired by Morocco

It’s the search for untouched waves and empty beaches on a rocky Morrocan coastline which inspired the designs for our EARLY SPRING 18’ collection....
Charlyne Réhel —

Model Interview ~ Casablanca Collection

As many of you already know, our Casablanca collection will be launched over the next few days. To get you in the mood, we present to you Michelle ...
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Travel Guide : Morocco

During our trip to Morocco for the photo shoot of our upcoming Casablana collection, we have found for you the best places to discover in Marrakech...
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Made in Quebec!

Since the beginning of June Swimwear in 2009, its always been important for the founder, Julie Morin-Dumais, that the whole process of creating the...
Charlyne Réhel —

Let's Get Salty!

To help you face the cold days ahead, we’re collaborating with our friends from The Salty Souls Experience to offer you the perfect winter escape. ...
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Get into the Boho vibe!

For the second year, June Swimwear will be hosting a kiosk at the Bohemia Festival at the Victoria Park in Sherbrooke this Saturday, September 16th...
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A collection inspired by art!

What does June Swimwear, Artist Jason Cantoro and Simons have in common? We've come together for a collaboration and designed a collection which ex...
Charlyne Réhel —

La peur bleue

    Collaboration spécialePar Anne-Marie AsselinBiologiste Marine, spécialiste des requins, environnementaliste et apnéiste C'est avec les premi...
Charlyne Réhel —

Le crush du moment : le pink cream

  Sans aucune surprise, le rose pâle s’impose comme la couleur de l’été qui arrive ou plutôt qui est finalement arrivé. Cette couleur douce s’ha...
Charlyne Réhel —