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A collection inspired by art!

What does June Swimwear, Artist Jason Cantoro and Simons have in common? We've come together for a collaboration and designed a collection which ex...
Charlyne Réhel —

La peur bleue

    Collaboration spécialePar Anne-Marie AsselinBiologiste Marine, spécialiste des requins, environnementaliste et apnéiste C'est avec les premi...
Charlyne Réhel —

Le crush du moment : le pink cream

  Sans aucune surprise, le rose pâle s’impose comme la couleur de l’été qui arrive ou plutôt qui est finalement arrivé. Cette couleur douce s’ha...
Charlyne Réhel —

Why I surf

Why I Surf… I surf because I need a constant adrenaline rush, otherwise I get bored. I surf because I love hearing my heart beat after a nice long ...
Marie-Christine Amyot —

Californian Escape

June from juneswimwear on Vimeo. Filmmaker: Simon-Pierre Côté Models: Kimberley Denis & Meleana Soderquist  
June Swimwear —

MALVADOS, the sandals you need !

From the playa to the pool, dawn to dusk, these are the sandals memories are made in. For the dreamers, daytrippers, and the wild at heart Come Wan...
June Swimwear —

June Swimwear X Salty Souls: How It Began

The collaboration between June and Salty is born from a commun passion for travelling and adventure. Marie-Christine and Erika were already part of the June’s Team.
Marie-Christine Amyot —
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