Back to basics

We all have some styles in our wardrobe that we wear every time we can't find what to wear. It always comes back to the same basics because we feel...
Victoria Drolet —

This Season's Playlist



Before/After beachday treats

It's well known; when you spend energy, it makes you hungry!Have you ever had a little craving before/after a surf session or a long day at the bea...
Janie Beauregard —

June X Guava Surfboards

This summer, we are happy to collaborate with a one-of-a-kind, Montreal-based company. Since many of you are using our swimsuits for your nautical ...
Janie Beauregard —

Introducing Chloé Rochette

This girl is moving air! Her energy is impressive and her good mood totally contagious. Seeing her smile makes you want to smile too! We would all ...
Janie Beauregard —

Introducing Karine Lachapelle

Another one of the inspiring woman we chose to feature in our Rockie capsule. This one is unique by the way she sparkles inside out. She's always f...
Janie Beauregard —

Introducing Anne-Marie Asselin

Anne-Marie Asselin is a marine biologist who's not afraid to talk about her conviction and her plans for the future. She's inspirational because of...
Janie Beauregard —

Introducing Aishah Francisque

She's part of the 5 inspirational women we asked to be part of our ''How would you rock your Rockie?'' capsule. Aishah is one of the most talented ...
Janie Beauregard —

Introducing Léa Bégin

For the photoshoot of the How would you rock your Rockie online exclusive capsule, we chose 5 inspiring women who are part of our daily lives. The...
Janie Beauregard —

Trends you need to adopt this summer!

This summer is all about self-confidence and enjoying life by living in the moment. In order to make you feel at your best self for this summer, we...
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