​Get movin' or get cozy… you choose!
For a limited time, enjoy $25 OFF your Escape Set with code “ESCAPESET”. 

Doris Bra Top + Escape Leggings;
Made from a versatile and stretch fabric that is soft enough to lounge in but supportive enough for the active woman you are.

Move, Sweat, Stretch.

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Get into that East Coast state of mind with our new early spring collection !

 It’s by wandering in the golden fields surrounded by water in Nova Scotia and seeing the surfers express themselves in the ocean that we came up with the vibe of this collection.

Coastal Dream embodies a mood of freedom and light hearts with warm tones, new prints and many textures. Let your soul drift in the Atlantic blue waters and freely pursue your desire of adventure !

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While the wind blows over the sea, the sand tickles our feet and we refresh ourselves with fresh coconut water, it is rather the floral scents that float in the air that confirm it: it is time for vacations! 

Orange trees, Gardenia, Jasmine, Bergamot... This candle alone makes the free souls travel by awakening each of the senses.

Available online in 4oz, 8oz, 14oz.

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New swimwear collection

Pack your suitcase for your next trip under the sun with our new swimwear collection !

Warm tones, new prints and many comfy textures.

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Make someone happy with our June Gift Card!

Choose the amount of your choice and let her choose the bikini she loves.

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This season, we’ve come up with a new collection of comfortable, active and, above all, quality pieces for encountering crisp fall breezes.

Whether it’s for your road trips in Western Canada, for the gradual return to long plane rides on the other side of the world or forever and always in the comfort of your home, By June will allow you to run from one adventure to the next !

By June, wear it anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

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