3 Tips to Start Surfing – in collaboration with The Salty Souls

Alicia Toublanc —

Dive into the world of surfing with essential tips for beginners, in collaboration with The Salty Soul. We had the privilege of chatting with Marie-Christine Amyot, co-founder of The Salty Souls & The Salty Club. Just like us, she is passionate about the ocean and traveling. She graciously agreed to share her three invaluable tips to start surfing with confidence and a smile!


Tip #1: Master the basics with surf lessons

Marie-Christine reminds us that learning to surf involves much more than simply standing on a board. This is the reaosn why she recommend to start with surf lessons that encompass both practical and theoretical aspects. Surfing is a technical discipline practiced in an ever-changing environment, which is why understanding the ocean and safety rules is fundamental. By investing in quality lessons, you'll establish a strong foundation, allowing you to catch more waves and avoid risks to yourself and others. Numerous surf schools are available at popular spots, and surf retreats also offer dedicated coaching for beginners. You might even consider the Salty Souls Experience retreats, which will guide you step by step in your early surfing journey!


Tip #2: Train specifically for surfing

The two primary movements in surfing, paddling and the pop-up, require specific preparation. To tackle the waves, "paddling" demands strength in the arms and shoulders, while the "pop-up" motion necessitates flexibility and upper-body strength. To work on these aspects, Marie-Christine recommends "Primal Movement" workouts that enhance both mobility and strength, both physically and mentally. By preparing in a targeted manner, you'll feel ready to face the challenges of the ocean.


Tip #3: Embrace the learning process

Marie-Christine's final advice: savor every moment of the learning process. Remember that you surf for the joy of it, not just to progress. Surfing is an endless adventure, and reaching a plateau is rare. Each day brings new conditions and new waves to conquer. Embrace this beauty and don't forget the essence of it all: having fun in the ocean, just like when you were a child, without worrying about progress or what others think.


And if you're wondering what swimsuits to wear to surf the waves, Marie-Christine shares her favorites: the Yvonne bottom paired with the Jessie or Louise top. These sets are designed not only for style but also for performance in the water. So, put on your favorite swimsuit and ride the waves with confidence!

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