4 activities to do during the long weekend with your June bikini

Catherine Jones —

It's never too late to put on your June bikini! For this long weekend, we’ve created a guide of activities and getaways so that you can enjoy fall (but also your favorite bikini). 


A trip to the spa

Who says long weekend, says time to recharge your batteries! Take a break and go to one of the many spas accessible across Quebec. This escape will certainly allow you to limit distractions and enjoy the present moment. Above all, it is an activity that is ideal to enjoy the fall colors, without spending too much energy.


A getaway to Maine

For the most audacious, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to organize a roadtrip on the East Coast with friends. Fall is the prime season for surfing in Maine, because of the good waves. All you have left to do is prepare your surf cover, your surf-approved June swimsuit, and your wetsuit.

Try Kitesurfing

The long weekend is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and test your limits! Try to surpass yourself by learning to kitesurf. In Quebec, several sites offer experiences for beginners – the Magdalen Islands is one of the most popular destinations. The October winds are good and reliable, which makes it a great month to try and master this sport.


A sea kayaking excursion in Gaspésie

For some, long weekend rhymes with adventure: that's why we thought of a unique and guided sea kayaking expedition! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this activity allows you to enjoy the wildlife and intimate panoramas. This Gaspésie adventure will certainly make you experience emotions in an incomparable way.

Have a nice weekend!