5 Tips for Choosing Your Swimsuit

Vanessa Taing —

Choosing the perfect swimsuit can sometimes be tricky, but with some wise advice, you can find one that enhances your features and ensures a stylish and comfortable summer. Here are five tips to guide you in your quest for the ideal swimsuit.

Know Your Body Shape:

Before embarking on the swimsuit hunt, take the time to know your body shape. Each body is unique, and different swimsuit styles can accentuate different forms. Identify your strengths and choose a swimsuit that highlights them while concealing areas you prefer to camouflage.

Find the Right Bikini Top:

The top of your swimsuit provides optimal support. Women with generous busts should opt for models with wider straps and greater cup coverage. Here at June Swimwear, we recommend the Bonnie, perfect for ample busts. You can find The Bonnie directly on our website, offering a choice of four colors: Black Eye, Eastcoast, Harbor, and Olivier. Meanwhile, those with smaller busts can experiment with adjustable tops that provide good support without leaving a gap between the swimsuit and the chest. The Vanessa top is ideal for smaller busts as it is adjustable. The Vanessa comes in three colors: Black Eye, Matcha, and Olivier.

• Choose the Right Bikini Bottom:

The bottom of the swimsuit significantly impacts your overall look. High cuts elongate the legs, high waists flatter the silhouette, and cheeky styles add a touch of boldness. For example, the Yvonne bikini bottom, with medium coverage, is available in several colors. Try different styles to find the one that best suits your style and comfort.

Opt for Quality Fabrics:

Fabric quality is essential for a durable and comfortable swimsuit. Look for fabrics resistant to chlorine and UV rays to ensure a long life for your swimsuit while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun and chlorinated water. We also offer swimsuits with lining and, for some, with eco-friendly fabrics, all available at June Swimwear.

• Consider the Planned Activity:

Think about your planned activities when choosing your swimsuit. If you're planning tanning sessions, a two-piece bikini might be ideal. For sports activities or beach games, opt for a one-piece swimsuit offering better support. You can find directly on our website a "Surf Approved" section that gathers all swimsuits designed for surfing and other sports activities. We also have a section with swimsuits specially designed for the pool, including our Just Swim collection. The Zara swimsuit is perfect for doing as many laps as you want while remaining comfortable in your skin. The Zara is available in two colors: Emerald and Sirius.

By following these tips, you will be better equipped to find the perfect swimsuit that enhances your silhouette while ensuring comfort and confidence on sunny days. Take the time to explore different options and choose the swimsuit that best reflects your personal style.