5 tips on taking care of your surfboard

Alycia Couture —

If you’re like us, you probably want to keep your precious surfboards around for as long as you can. Taking good care of your boards is the starting point to extend their lifespan and get the best out of them.

Here are 5 simple tips to care for your surfboard so it can enjoy a long and fulfilled life.


1. Avoid exposing your board to direct sunlight and extreme heat

High temperatures can cause the protective skin of the board -  the fiberglass and resin outer layer - to weaken and crack, and even create bumps on the surface of the board.

Overexposure to the sun can also damage the board by making it lose its color and turning it yellowish. 

Pro tips:

- Avoid leaving your board in the car or on the roof.

- Keep your board well shaded with a board bag or towels while at the beach.


2. Rinse your surfboard with fresh water

Rinsing your surfboard with fresh water after each session helps to remove salt and sand and contributes to its durability. In fact, salt is corrosive and can lead the board to corrode and degrade. It also allows your board to keep its "new" look over time.


3. Change your wax once in a while

Make it a habit to remove old wax from your board to easily spot any cracks and other dents that may be hiding underneath. This also contributes to performance!


4. Invest in a board bag 

Store your surfboard in a bag after your sessions in the waves to prevent bumps and scratches. You can also use a boardsock to pack your board in a box or travel bag for extra peace of mind!

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5. Store your board the right way

Protect your board from accidents and damage by storing it in a safe place well ventilated and away from direct sun rays. It's possible to build or buy a rack to store it!

Here you go! Easy-breezy. Make these 5 simple tips an habit and you'll greatly extend the lifespan of your board!

See you in the water! 

Team June xo


Photo credits: @ericduranphoto @cristinagareau @b_rochette