Are you ready for your next great adventure?

Janie Beauregard —

To travel is an adventure in itself; everybody knows that. But the experience depends on the kind of travel you choose to live. If you don't want to leave your comfort zone too much, choosing an all inclusive trip is probably the best option. For all you other adventurous souls out there, here’s some tips for going in a non-expensive backpack kind of trip.

In these kinds of expeditions, you’ll make tons of interesting friends from all around the world, and experience the unique feeling of being so small in front of landscapes you would’ve not even imagine exists.

The first destination we suggest is the Philippines. With more than 7000 islands to visit, you need to be prepared for this one.

The places you don’t want to miss:

De Siargo Island: known for the best surf spots like Cloud 9, Quicksilver, Stimpy’s, Daku reef and Rocky Island. You absolutely have to go on a bangka (local bamboo boat) and travel through Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island. The landscapes are paradisiac. Another activity that’s worth it is to visit Sohoton caves by kayak. You won’t regret it we assure you!

El Nido: North of Palawan Island, is a tropical paradise. It’s where the sand is white and there is a lot of small lagoons to visit. If you go to El Nido, you should definitely try the Happiness Beach Bar. The food is good and the ambiance is festive; perfect to decompress after a long day of exploring. 

Indonesia is another place where life is not expensive. Bali is our favorite place to go relax and enjoy the sun. Most of the people who go to Bali don’t want to leave. White sand, warm turquoise sea, preserved coral reefs - privileged habitat for sharks, rays and sea turtles, what do you need more? 

Places you don’t want to miss:

Gili Islands: Located off the north-western shore of Bali’s neighbour, Lombok. It has a good mix of serene beaches on the northern and western sides, and a multitude of dining and partying hotspots on the south. The Ko-Ko-Mo restaurant is one of our favorites. It’s right on the beach and has a good international wine selection. 


Raja Ampat Islands: Near the northwestern tip of far-flung Papua Island, it hosts the world's greatest diversity of marine life. Above a translucent ocean, rounded hills enrobed in tropical forest, you'll be amazed by the feeling of it all. Manta rays and epaulette sharks drift through a technicolor seascape of pristine coral, while the shoals of barracuda and parrotfish patrol the diverse marine terrain. Snorkeling and kayaking are essentials attractions.

Last but not least: Nicaragua.

One of the most beautiful spot to go is San ruan del sur. There’s a lot of beaches like Hermosa and Maderas where people go to surf or just enjoy the sun. San ruan del sur is a good place to party and make friends! It’s a little town with a lot of cool surf shop to go. You must go eat a breakfast at Simon says restaurant. There smoothies are famously delicious!

Have fun and don’t be shy; the backpack adventure is the most memorable of them all! Live it at least once in a lifetime!

Team June xx