Best of Australia: 4 unforgettable adventures

Charlyne Réhel —

The 4 unforgettable Australian adventures written by our nomade ambassador Laurence Bolduc-Hénen

A year ago, my partner and I were leaving Montreal with a one-way ticket in hand. We had no idea for how long we would travel and where exactly we would head to. By making this decision to travel around the world, it was mandatory for us to have a project on which we could work while traveling, through which we could develop new skills, expertise and bring something to people through it. That's how
Off to Places, our travel magazine, was born. Since then, we’ve been sharing the story of long-term travelers we meet around the world.

After Europe, Africa and Asia we headed to Australia where we’ve settle since last November. Whether if it’s to live there or to travel a few weeks, this country is in itself a huge favorite for me. Here are my must do’s, hoping that it gives you the drive to wander across the planet too...

1) A little paradise - Noosa heads, (South Queensland)

I had a real crush on this charming little seaside town on the Sunshine Coast. Its pretty shops, restaurants, cute cafes and coastal walk in the Noosa National Park are in my fondest memories of Australia.

PS: Being the paradise of longboard surfing, plan at least two days there to enjoy the neverending waves and dozens of beaches with crystal clear waters.

2) A Day at Jurassic Park - Wallaman Waterfalls, (Queensland)

This hike will give you the impression of being in Jurassic Park. I will not lie to you and say that the trek back up was super easy; it was not. It's pretty demanding, but it's worth going down to the bottom of the Waterfall which is Australia's highest. You will remember your hike there forever I swear.

PS: Arrive early in the morning to have a cooler temperature during your ascent. And do not forget your water bottle.

3) The must - Great Ocean Road, (Victoria)

This scenic route that runs along the ocean and its cliffs for 243 km can easily be visited in 2 to 3 days. Lorne, Apollo Bay, the 12 Apostoles and Port Campbell were the most significant stops for me. If you camp, there is a good chance that you will wake up surrounded by kangaroos in the morning. There is also the opportunity to stop at Kennett River to do Koalas spotting!

PS: avoid doing it between December and February (the tourist season) when the road literally turns into giant parking.

4) The Ultimate Experience - The Road Trip in a Camper van, (Western Australia)

Of course, a roadtrip in Australia could count countless itineraries, but I have a big crush for Western Australia. Its nature, its landscapes and its soothing side far from the big cities charmed me. A campervan, meanwhile, is the best (and most pleasant) option to cover long distances and not spend a fortune on accommodation.


Our favorite route was from Perth to Esperance via the southwest coast.
Here are the musts stops for this Road trip:

-The Margaret River area for its vineyards, beaches and the cape to cape track.
- Route 251 between Nannup and Bridgetown for scenic views worthy of New Zealand.
- A hike and a sunset in the Stirling Rangers (the highest mountains in Western Australia.)
- A stop to swim with starfishes at Green Pools in Denmark.
-A couple of days to explore Cape Le Grand National Park and Lucky Bay with its white sand and turquoise waters reminiscent of the whitsundays.

PS: The vineyards offer free wine tastings and you will definitely encounter kangaroos on Lucky Bay’s beach!

Safe travels,

Laurence xo